Speaking Of Non-Threats

Hello! It’s me again!


That’s what happened after somebody yelled outside and neighborhood dogs started barking … I decided to MONITOR the situation.

Meanwhile, my full-on sister (Autumn … cream-colored litter mate on the left) and Amelia (half-sister) recently earned honors at the International Show. I’m eating carrots and peas like some kind of fool and they’re garnering real recognition.


That’s A Threat!

Hello! It’s me!


One minute you’re just sitting there on a glorious January afternoon, and the next minute, this happens.


Allow me to remind those of you in the studio audience that there are four kinds of threats.

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metals.
  4. Chupacabra.

Do you see the threat in the image above? I see it. Look at the yellow arrow.


That’s a Chupacabra, #amirite?


Ok, it’s a perceived threat. Still a threat, nonetheless. You never know when that water bottle will be¬†hurtled though space in your general direction. And I’ll make darn sure this specific situation resolves itself of its own volition before moving forward.

He’s Back!

Hello. It’s me!!


Daddy was gone on a “business trip” for a few days, and the look on my face tells one and all that I was skeptical the whole thing was “business”, #amirite?


Yeah … some “business” trip.

You’d think Dad would have brought me something interesting from the Philadelphia Airport Gift Shop … instead it’s an increase in the vegetable component of my diet.


Regardless, I overcame the adversity and really “wedged-in” with Dad on the couch this afternoon.


New Year, Same Challenges

Hello. It’s me!!


You’d think if Dad were going to take a picture of me he would have the common courtesy to not cut off my hind quarters, #amirite?

It’s a new year, 2019 or so I am told. But it’s all about the same old challenges.

First off, I’m not getting enough food, food like this (from Christmas Eve):


And worse, the threats are real, and they are plentiful. This little dude has inflamed taste buds covering his entire body.


And I have no idea whatsoever what’s going on here.


Dad removed our outdoor Christmas decorations. Turns out it take a few extension cords to run the operation.


Temperatures are improving … we finally got into the 60s today, which allowed us to reinstate a time-honored tradition … the golf cart ride.


May your new year be threat-free,  filled with duck jerky and crunchables.