Hello! It’s me.


Spend an afternoon wandering across the desert, and you’re bound to get thirsty.


And while it might be nice for Mom to carry a quart of potable water on our walks across the desert, the reality is that sometimes, a pup needs to search for H2O on his own.


I led Dad to the only conceivable place where there might be water … a cylindrical oasis.


Let’s just say I went thirsty today.



Carefree Highway

Hello. It’s me!!


At some point in every vacation, there comes a time when a pup needs to save a buck or two. I highly recommend cutting out the maid service tips at hotels. Each tip saved is a bag of Pup-Peroni gained.

I’m just kidding. Mom & Dad can leave tips and supplement my diet at the same time.

Take this hotel, for instance … I’d wait patiently while Dad sought to supplement my diet with morning breakfast sausage … it’s free, you know!


Do you want to know the neat thing about this hotel? Early in our stay, I was looking for a prime place to take a bathroom break when a “professional woman” and “her boss” crossed our paths (if you know what I mean, and I think you know what I mean). Days later, the professional and her companion spotted me from about a half-block away and yelled “HI DASH”!!

I’m hear to put smiles on faces, regardless of gender, race, or professional preference.

We’re currently staying at a hotel that is less likely to encourage rampant professionalism. I look out the window of my room, monitoring the situation.


Or looking for my cousins.


We spent Easter with Dad’s brother & sister-in-law and my cousins. It was so much fun to enjoy a lovely spring day with family. Or more important, to spend the time on green grass!


We ate Easter dinner with family and my dear friend who once served as furniture for me.


Seconds later, terror ensued when Dad let me chew on a plastic bottle cap. One problem … I tried to swallow it, and it got stuck in my throat. If it weren’t for Mom’s ability to dig deep down my gullet and fish the wasteful cap out of my esophagus, I may not be here to tell tales to you anymore.


Speaking of shoving things down my throat, I got to sit in the rig while my parents attended another Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. One of the members of the grounds crew tossed me a spring training baseball!


I actually got the whole ball in my mouth, and carried it several feet. It was a jaw-popping experience, if I may be so bold.

I’m told that these baseball games feature something called a “sausage race”.


For the second time in two weeks, the “hot dog” won!

I got to participate in my own race … a race through Parking Lot A.


I’ll tell you this much … I got more mileage out of my mid-week visit to Arizona State University. The co-eds adored me.


I think the young lady and I were taking a “chemistry” class, if you know what I mean.

But all good things must come to an end. Our trip is slowly winding down. Dad’s heading out for a business trip … leaving me with Mom and friends.


When Dad gets back, we’re heading north. To be honest, I am feeling a bit of chagrin over the prospects of heading home.


But there’s still a lot to look forward to. I’ll keep my eyes focused on what comes next … and I’ll share what I learn with you … or I’ll hang out in shady grasses … either way, I’ll have fun!


National Puppy Day!

Hello. It’s me!!



Both positions are designed to allow optimal air flow to my tummy.

Yesterday, my Mom & Dad took me to a dog park sponsored by PetSmart. Wow! And as you can see in the video below, I took full advantage of the opportunity. Again, if you cannot see the video (and you want to see the video) because you are reading this via email, please visit the website.

So a happy National Puppy Day to y’all. I realize many of you are enjoying a vacation day today, especially those of you with generous paid time off policies. You are participating in festive parties, picnics, and parades. Soak it all in. I know I will!


An Open Apology To The Management At Best Western Hotels

Hello. It’s me!


To The Management Team At Best Western Hotels:

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for my destructive behavior this evening. I realize that you are promoting a “green environment”, one where you encourage your patrons to “protect the environment” and ask that your customers “conserve resources”. So my senseless destruction of precious toilet paper (a product harvested from renewable tree farms all across the Pacific Northwest, if I must nitpick here) runs counter to your entire corporate ethos.

On behalf of my family, I sincerely apologize for my instinctive senseless behavior. Please let me stay for the three remaining nights that we my Parents paid for.

She’s My Girlfriend … And I Love Her …

Hello! It’s me.


See that tongue sticking out? It’s HOT down here. Was in the 90s yesterday. It’s like the dog days of summer, I’m tellin’ ya.

It was a big weekend, friends, I kid you not. For instance, I found a new piece of furniture.IMG_0931 I didn’t take it home, however … it doesn’t recline.

It’s hard to tolerate the heat … well, let me take that back. If you take a lot of naps on a concrete slab covered in dead desert brush, you can easily stomach the heat.


But the big news of the weekend was the all-important Doxie show in Scottsdale. A couple of things happened … first of all, I met my cousin, named Squeak!

I loved Squeak. He possesses experiences I can only hope to acquire. And his Mom, the very sister of my Mom, well, she was so nice. What a great experience! #family

The Doxie event featured twenty or more pups from across the greater Scottsdale area. Get this … they played a game of musical place mats at the event … I finished in 9th place out of ten (I know, I know, that’s pretty good), earning a coveted participation ribbon.



But the biggest surprise of the event was the friend I made .. a “girl” friend named Ann. Like me, she’s just five months old … and like me, she’s highly attractive.


I asked Ann if I could buy her a drink … of tepid city water … she declined my advance, but as we know, it’s all part of the dance of love.



My love for Ann runs deep … but alas, our relationship was not meant to be. I am from Washington, she is from Arizona.

So I moved on, heart broken of course. I drank from the bowl of unfulfilled love, meeting other Doxies in the process.



I’m with you on that one … what the heck is going on there?

The crowd eventually dispersed.


We went home and enjoyed a salmon cook-off.


While eating salmon, my Mom mentioned to the gathered throng of omega three lovers that there were two judges at the Doxie event. Both asked Mom & Dad to not “get me fixed” for a year, because both felt that I was “show worthy”. I heard my Dad describe what it meant to “get fixed” and thought to myself, “that doesn’t sound like something I want to experience”. So while visiting another set of friends last night, I snuck away for some quiet contemplation … I don’t want to “get fixed”, whatever that means.


(By the way, at the residence pictured above, I touched noses with a cat … a CAT for crying out loud!!)

But my thoughts were quickly nullified when I found a patch of artificial turf to roll on (visit the website if you cannot see the video below in your email newsletter).

Anyway, that’s been the roller-coaster ride I’ve enjoyed over the past few days. It’s supposed to be 95 degrees today. Mom says we’re spending some quality time indoors. I’d rather be poolside, to be honest. Poolside with Ann.



A Time For Vortex-Based Improvement of Key Chakras

Hello! It’s me.


That’s about how I feel these days. T-I-R-E-D!

It’s a non-stop romp-a-thon through Central Arizona.


I know, look at me. It’s like I am aging right in front of your very own eyes, don’t you think? I mean, there was a time when I looked like this.


Now my lower frame is filthy from the dusty environs I navigate on a daily basis.


My Mom was pre-occupied today in Sedona … she was playing a game of Flat Stanley, except it wasn’t about Stanley, it was about friends who could not join us.


Hopefully Kanye and Kim will be able to be with us next time.

Sedona is one of those five paw places … full of vortices that promise chakra-enhancing opportunities. I took full advantage, hoping to find peace through improvement of my Sahasrara chakra.


Or maybe it was the minor chakra Talatala, who am I to say?

Regardless, the strategy worked. I was at the peak of my game in Downtown Sedona.


Interesting side note regarding the image I just shared with you … we were standing out side of a Visitors Center when an interesting conversation took place.

WOMAN: Did you know that you can bring a dog inside the building?

DAD (Channeling his inner Sheldon Cooper): No, you cannot. The sign says you cannot bring a dog inside the building.

WOMAN (pointing inside): There is a dog inside the building.

DAD: I know, some woman decided to unilaterally ignore the wishes of the shop owner.

The woman goes back inside the building. She picks up the dog, and brings the dog outside. The dog belongs to the woman in the conversation. I immediately engage with the dog while Dad cowers in fear.

Moments later, I was right in my wheelhouse … sharing time with a veritable plethora of tots.


Mom and Dad and a friend went to a Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training baseball game yesterday. The “Hot Dog” won the sausage race … another victory for canines of all shapes and sizes. #sorrychorizo


As you can see, it’s a lotta fun out here in the desert. Temps are around 90, and the evenings are cool enough to get some quality z’s.


And, of course, when standing on a vortex in Sedona, there is an opportunity for quiet contemplation … a time to examine the first nine days of our trip. All in all, it’s pretty good.


Tomorrow, I hear we’re going to check out some “botanical” opportunities. What a great time to be alive and in a desert.


Hello! It’s me!


I am in sunny Arizona. A-R-I-Z-O-N-A!

No more peeking my head out of the rig to see if we are there yet.


No more demanding control over my own leash.


And no more curling up in the fetal position for eight hour days filled with potholes and road construction.


From here on out, it’s family (I hear my Mom has a Sister who sounds just like her – can’t wait to have my mind blown by that one), friends, and fun. Things are looking up!


Peaks and Valleys

Hello. It’s me!


Southern Utah and Northern Arizona are simply loaded with peaks and valleys. And brontosauruses.

We raced south at speeds exceeding those of a pace car in the Daytona 500.


We found snow.


We found bone-chilling cold.


After hours of peaks, we found a valley (or a canyon, you pick). I wanted to stretch my legs.


And stretch ’em I did!


I’m a big fan of the Colorado River.



Check out this one … #photobomb


I made new friends.


And I caucused with my peeps.


We’re closing in on our destination. After a long day of peaks and valleys, my consciousness descended into a valley.


Seeing The Sights That Matter

Hello! It’s me.


Sure, Mom and Dad repeatedly pointed out the boundless beauty of the State of Utah.

Bugs on the windshield … that’s good stuff!

I waited patiently for my big opportunity.

And then … amid 64 degree temperatures, 15% humidity, and 35mph winds deeply rooted in a Pineapple Express, my sightseeing opportunity unfolded in front of my own eyes.


Disneyworld. Arches National Park. Petco. Those are the big three, friends.

Petco is a magical establishment, one where the ferrets frolick behind glass, the zebra danios thrive in a climate controlled environment, and pups like me can buy treats, chewies, and assorted flea medications. Now, you are under no obligation to buy anything. But let’s be honest. Five minutes in this store, and you’re walking out with all sorts of unnecessary gluten free organic smoked treats.

Which brings me to my favorite sight-seeing prize of the day:


Tomorrow, our trip takes us to Arizona. In just four days, we will have traveled from within miles of the Canadian border to within miles of the Mexican border. That’s a lot of miles. And dead bugs. I offer my heartfelt thanks to the residents of Idaho and Utah for legislating on my behalf #80mphspeedlimitssavetimebutnotgas