Hello … it’s me!!


Days begin with hope, anticipation, and potentially well-executed plans.

Days end differently. Sometimes the plan goes off without fail, sometimes the plan fails. Sometimes the plan fails because of no fault of your own. Today was one of those days.

Today’s story was told via the clouds.


We cross the Continental Divide, and you’d think it would all be downhill from here. But look up – you see storm clouds brewing. It didn’t take long for those clouds to get busy dampening the mood.



Rain, thunder, bolts of lightning, even hail pummeled our traveling living room.



We had only one choice … we put the petal to the metal and we outran the storm! We outran it all the way to this destination.


Did you see my face? That’s the face of a pup who checked the National Weather Service website, and noticed that the storms were not only making up ground on us (due to our stationary positioning), but they had become SEVERE!

I was Thunderstruck.

Dad suggested that we try to take a hike before the storm hit. Mom had that level of skepticism that only I get to see … at one point opining that she didn’t want to win a “Darwin Award” on our forthcoming hike.

So we tried to hike a bit, trying to find petroglyphs like this one.


The walk was scheduled for two miles, round-trip. We tried, we really tried to get serious about the hike. But tell me what you see behind the RV?


Yeah, you see trouble brewing, #amirite?

We took the dune-laden trail about 0.2 miles before Mom spotted a bolt of white-hot lightning on the horizon. Dad counted fifteen seconds, and told me that meant the storm was maybe three miles away.

Let’s just say we reversed course ASAP!!


Back to the RV we ran … this time, we hopped in and tried to again outrun the storm by driving northeast to Santa Fe.

What do you think happened by the time we got there?


Yup – we couldn’t avoid the puddles.

So Dad says “the heck with the day, we’re going shopping at Whole Foods”. And that’s exactly what we did.


A day of planned adventure became a day of running to the front door at Whole Foods to see how many Kindle devices Amazon could pack into the entryway of Whole Foods (hint, the answer is 37 … ok, I have no idea what the real number is. It was more than two).

Mom loaded the fridge with paycheck-busting goodness, and we called it a night, huddled in our RV while breezy 52 degree thundershowers passed overhead. The locals tell us this is the first time it rained in Santa Fe in eight weeks. Good for us!

Tomorrow’s forecast suggests that we’ll be thunderstruck again, as storms follow us into West Texas. Mom offered a paradigm-busting plan … TRULY OUTRUN the storms and head much farther east than originally planned.

Sometimes the plan goes off without fail, sometimes the plan fails. Sometimes the plan fails because of no fault of your own. Tomorrow we have the potential for a plan fueled by distancing ourselves from severe weather. I’ll be thunderstruck if our plan works out and we defeat the weather.

Well, I’m Standing On A Corner …

Hello … it’s me!!!


I knew something was up this morning when the remodelers walked in and we walked out.

We walked out into the RV and we began a journey … a journey that will last many weeks. A glorious, resplendent journey.

A journey that began by seeing my favorite bunny … well, ok, I’m not allowed to see the bunny, but this is the bunny I tried to get inside and see.


Since I couldn’t see my friend, I decided to assess threats around my friend Lenny’s van … FYI, there were no threats, real or perceived.


Moving right along, we stopped to see a castle … no, not the TV show “Castle” … we visited Montezuma Castle, just south of Sedona, AZ. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of seeing a castle.


But then we walked a third of a mile and got to see the homes carved up in the rock and I said to myself, “who wouldn’t want to live in a home carved out of a rock in the year 1300, #amirite?


Back in the RV and traveling again … I’m already growing weary …


Next thing you know Mom says we have to find “a corner in Winslow, Arizona” … she thought it would be such a fine sight to see.



For a moment, I thought I saw a girl (my Lord) in a flat-bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me … Wendy, perhaps?

But no, it was just more statues and odd lyrical quotes …



Meanwhile, my ears prepare me for liftoff as Mom and Dad regale in pop culture references on a street corner. I get it, we may never be here¬†again, so soak it up … but it seemed like they were here to photograph every square inch of real estate on this corner.

I finally found something in Winslow that I wanted, something that catered to my unique set of culinary needs and not the craven mind of Don Henley (please don’t sue me for saying that Mr. Henley) … it was POPCORN at a nearby theater!


The proprietor was, needless to say, not accommodating!

We continued East … arriving at this location.


I was petrified by some of the old logs.


Mom went into the Visitors Center to get a veritable plethora of “stamps” … I’m getting a vibe (as a current pop singer might say, I’m ‘vibin’) we’re gonna get a lot of stamps on this trip. I waited outside, patiently.


Now, this wasn’t your typical forest … it looked more like the lunar landscape you’d find in East Central Oregon.


Some forest, eh?

Moments later we’re back in the rig and I’m wondering to myself, “Will this long day ever end?”


No, it isn’t going to end?


Ok Dad, start the rig up and let’s get going.


We drove to Gallup, New Mexico. Land of Enchantment. We visited a famous establishment. Can you guess where we stopped? Here’s the answer … guess the question!




Yes – it’s the famous EL RANCHO Restaurant and 49er Bar and Hotel, located on the glamorous west side of Gallup. I reveled in the warm and welcoming messages greeting the exhausted pup traveler.


From this point forward, I sat in the rig while Mom and Dad supped on burritos (which is what all of the famous people ate back in the day) and then sampled the grounds.


Mmmmm … amethyst.


When given a chance, I tried to enter the building … I found a place to take my stand. Did I get in? Nah.


Just like that, our month-long vacation was over … wait, what? We did all that in one day? We should really take it easy, don’t you think?









The Vetting Process

Hello … it’s MEEEEEEE!


So I’m busy … catchin’ a handful of z’s before I head out on a long RV trip on Saturday.


Next thing you know I hear visitors outside. Well lemme tell ya, I’m on the case, #amirite?


When we get visitors, the most important thing you can do is institute what I affectionately call a “vetting process”.

The first step is to assess if there are any threats?



Then you check out the vehicle … is the vehicle safe?


With Dad suffering from a “groin injury” (click here and head to the 37 second mark of the video), the job of defending the homefront falls upon me. And if I may be so bold, I’ve yet to allow a threat to compromise our property. That includes the caterpillar I inserted between my molars last night.


A Blessed Chill Is In The Air

Hello. It’s me!!


That’s what a hundred degrees looks like.


But then, something glorious happened … the jet stream changed, and suddenly it was only in the mid-80s.


Suddenly I was as nimble as a chupacabra!


When it cools down, it’s time to assess threats, #amirite?


And then it got even weirder …


This is great stuff!!


It’s Tuesday in May and it is in the low 70s. WOW!

Dad says Sunday it is s’posed to be 104 degrees.

I told Dad that we have to get the heck out of Dodge ASAP if it is going to be 104 on Sunday.


The extended forecast calls for much-above normal temperatures in May, June, and July. I’m hoping for much-above normal travel if that is the case!!

End of an ERA

Hello … it’s me!!


Something funny was going on, pups. I was spending a lot of time at home. Worse, when Mom & Dad were home, they were constantly messing around with our RV. Why would they be unloading stuff all of the time, even when it was close to 100 degrees out?

It was almost like they were getting rid of the RV, #amirite? I held vigil while they kept hauling stuff out to the garage.


Mom and Dad tried to distract me … having me spend time with friends while they kept behaving mysteriously.


Yesterday, Dad shows me a picture.

I wonder … why is our ERA parked at an RV lot next to that brand new Winnebago Fuse?


Then Dad shows me a picture of our RV parking spot … and there is that Winnebago Fuse again, but it has the carrier that was on the Era. Hmmmmm.


All I’m asking is for temperatures that aren’t 100 degrees, so I can spend a little time in what may well be a new rig that I’ll be taking to the Midwest in three weeks. I hear it is supposed to be in the mid-70s this coming week. Maybe … just maybe … Mom and Dad will let me see if the rumors are true. Is this the end of an Era? And if it truly is, what do my accommodations look like? Did Mom & Dad truly think of me, of ME, when making such a life-altering decision?



Hello … it’s me!


Yup – that’s me. Exhausted.

We haven’t chatted in nearly a month, and for good reason. It’s been an endless array of guests and vinipotes here at La Casa de la Doxie. Dad’s tired … I just caught him napping in his chair when he should have been working.

I sit and wait for the next visitor …



But every once in awhile, I get a surprise … like when my dear friend Frank arrives (visit the website if email does not emulate the video:¬†

That’s some sweet action, #amirite?

And in-between visits, I got to spend some time with my dear friend Hanna.


She’s not shy about her unabashed preference for my company.


Then she fell asleep.


Anyway, we’re about five weeks away from a BIG TRIP in the RV … we’re headed to the Midwest (FYI – I’ve been there, I’m an avid traveler as you may already know). That’s when the fun really begins. Until then, we’re preppin’, getting things ready so that we can have big time fun.

P.S.: I am hopeful that the snow in the Midwest will melt over the next five weeks.