Hello! It’s me!


Our yard is a war zone … not in the militaristic sense, but certainly in some other sense I don’t possess the language to describe. Our casita has a foundation and much of the trenching is complete.


So Dad says “we’re getting out of the house today, let’s do some chores.” I thought this would be fun. It wasn’t much fun. I’d rather be doing this (visit the website if your email message doesn’t render the video like I’m rendering this creature) …

We prepared for our trip.


And we drove.


I snacked.


I sought out a change of scenery.


Dad kept listening to his music. I got tired of his music. I wanted to listen to my music for once. So I asked Dad a simple question.


“Can I listen to this song?”


Dad said the smoke from Snoop Dogg’s weed would penetrate our car if we listened to his music. He said no.

I asked for this song.


Dad asked me to stop asking for songs from artists with the word “Dogg” in their name.

I asked for this song.


Dad said I couldn’t ask for a song currently playing on SiriusXM. We then had this conversation:

Me: Can I hear something from Fats Domino? He died last week.

Dad: No. And you don’t even know a single Fats Domino song.

Ain’t that a shame? Hmmmm.

So we went back to endless driving. I felt boxed in, unable to do anything, unable to go anywhere.



But then Dad stopped at a classic establishment …


There’s nothing wrong with Chicken Chorizo, #amirite?


Did you see me stalking the goods?

And then more driving.



Our next stop was to pick up a sewing machine for Mom. Finally a diversion from the endless array of pop hits Dad forced upon me.



Dad said we were headed home. Whew!


When we finally got home (three hours later) I resumed normally scheduled activities.


It’s not fun to do chores. It’s even less fun to listen to Dad’s music. It’s a lot of fun to chew on rawhide!

Let The Building Commence!

Hello! It’s me!


Thanks to all of you who offered birthday wishes yesterday … I turned two (2), which means that I’m a big boy capable of big boy adventures.


Did you see the mess in my back yard? I’ve been playing in the mess all week. It turns out that we truly are building a Casita and Pool!!


Our new friends, who arrive at 6:40am with heavy-duty equipment in tow, had to dig a trench for our sewer. It was a delightfully disruptive process.




The builders told me the foundation goes in early next week – and then vertical building of the Casita begins in earnest!

Our builders cleaned things up nicely yesterday – efficient work if I may be so bold.


A few tidbits for you. First, if you are going to Lowe’s and are in need of a gift for Christmas, consider this:


Second, I enjoy a good comic as much as the next pup, #amirite?

Dachshund In Native Habitat

And third, speaking of birthdays … please give a big welcome to my half-brothers and half-sisters … look at those little cuties!



Take Your Mind Off Of The Chaos

Hello! It’s me!


Are you tired of people shooting up concert goers with military-grade weapons? Hurricanes? Family strife on “This is Us?” I know I am.

So I’ve taken a little time over the past few weeks to relax, to stop and smell the roses as the pundits say, #amirite?

A few weeks ago, we headed up to Flagstaff to spend a weekend camping with two of my dear friends. We enjoyed some SiriusXM radio on the way up #GeorgyPorgy.


We drove a few miles along historic Route 66.


They have all sorts of stops for the hungry pup.


Mmmmmmm … Fritos.

It was a freezing cold weekend … it got down to 29 degrees on Saturday night. Temperatures like that require a classic combination … libations and artificial propane-infused fire.


I spent a little bit of time digging around for crunchables (visit the website if you cannot see the video via email).

Mmmmmm …. crunchables!


Mom made Dad a spectacular pillow case to celebrate one of his favorite movie characters.


All in all it was big-time fun! Sometimes you have to get away from the chaos of our planet. Catalonia wants to be independent of Spain? Sure. But in my world I don’t want to be independent of anybody. I want to hang out … and on this weekend, I didn’t spend time evaluating threats #rustedmetals but instead I was part of something bigger … I belonged to something.


I’m a firm believer that the doxie can unify all of us in ways that partisan and judgmental political pundits could never possibly accomplish. Want proof? Take a close look at the ad board from this soccer match.


Yup, that’s a doxie, and s/he runs across the ad board while booping a soccer ball of of his/her nose. We’re bringing people together … 55,000 at a time!

Speaking of being together, my birth Mom (#notmycurrentmom) is about to give birth to four half-brothers / half-sisters. Look at how those little muffins are stuffed in there!


There’s a lot to be happy about. Take your mind off of the chaos and go experience life! That’s what I do.