And Then The Graupel Hit

Hello. It’s me!

Yeah, that’s me these days. Just sittin’ there like a fool waiting until the vaccine is available for Mom & Dad (currently scheduled for sometime in mid-August 2023).

Since Mom & Dad don’t want to die at Applebees we don’t leave the house much. This means that I need something external, something outside of my control to create excitement.

Today was a day where external excitement was in abundance.

At about 1:00pm a Severe Thunderstorm rolled through the Valley. As an added bonus, the storm dropped a healthy dose of graupel on our parched desert landscape.

But that’s not even the most interesting aspect of the storm. The cold upper atmosphere was forced downward by the storm … and by about 2:00pm the temperature dipped to a frosty thirty-six (36) degrees.

That’s the coldest afternoon temperature ever recorded in Phoenix.

Dad’s a storm chaser, so he asked me if I wanted to go on a reconnaissance mission. Who wouldn’t want to investigate storm damage. If the choice is sitting in a plush bed or heading outside, I’m heading outside, #amirite?

My first job was to assess threats.

Now, if you are saying to yourself “Hey Dash, you look just a little bit thinner than usual”, you’d be right. Every day Dad serves me a microwaved bowl of peas and carrots (mixed with a dollop of butter and a drizzle of chicken stock or I won’t eat it). My collar is about to fall off of my neck. These are the salad days, so to speak.

Well, I found a threat.

I found a palm frond … this thing fell off a palm tree, descending via the aid of gravity and straight-line winds to the parking lot pavement below me.

Within seconds I applied my maxillae to the frond.

Dry and tasteless, I quickly abandoned the fallen soldier. I think I’d rather die of COVID after eating at Applebees than injest any more of the woody fragment pictured above.

That’s what passes for excitement these days, my dear pups.

3 thoughts on “And Then The Graupel Hit

  1. Oh my! What a full day you all had! PHX was colder that your former Northern homeland dear Dash! We had more eternal grey and 45 degrees.
    Mother Nature must be trying to confuse us! Love to the 3 of you❤️


  2. I’ve never heard of graupel before. Is that a Wisconsin word? How come Dash looks cuter day by day? (those eyes) Maggie Mae’s excitement these days is hearing trees fall. What we haven’t experienced in low temperatures, we’ve made up for with wind. Stay safe my friends!


  3. Well, dear Dash (and family), those near-horizontal winds that can blow in windows and drop soldiers from tall palm trees make for quite an exciting day. No damage, I trust to your immediate surrounds? Good to see your svelte self!!! Congrats… Maybe I should look into a peas and carrot diet, and you’re right about a dollop of butter! ❤


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