Alone Again, Naturally


It’s me.


I don’t know about you, but I spend an awful lot of time trying to be a loyal companion. It’s not like I can drive to Safeway, or the gas station, or even the Arizona Lung, Sleep and Valley Fever Institute. I’m here, and I’m loyal.

In return, I ask for a bit of reciprocity.

Instead Mom and Dad have been enjoying an active lifestyle. Maybe it was a decade of being trapped on an island, I don’t know, but lately they’re sampling all that life has to offer.

Take last night, for instance. They spent the whole night at a P!nk Concert in Glendale.


Apparently Pink (who spells her name with an exclamation point … P!nk … must have flunked third grade, darn charter schools) is some sort of singer with an 18 year catalog of pop hits coupled with an innate ability to perform Vegas-style gymnastics four stories above the ground.

Meanwhile I sit at home.

Boring and unfair.

And when they are at home, Mom and Dad are busy. Dad spent tonight making pizza sauce for his new pizza oven. Am I part of the story? Hint – I’m not included … I’m relegated to a blueberry diet.


Then Dad spent the afternoon messing with the RV batteries – looks like the place where they bought the batteries nuked the new batteries and caused a whole bunch of issues that caused the neighborhood to have a smelly metallic odor. Lemme tell you pups, neighbors don’t like a smelly metallic odor, #amirite?

All I ask is for food, drink, potty & waste breaks. And undying love and company. That’s all. Instead I get an existence where I’m only paid attention to something like thirteen or fourteen hours a day.


It’s Been Awhile

Hello. It’s me!!!


It’s been awhile, #amirite?

Mom and Dad have been inundated with springtime guests and springtime activities.


Either I spend days alone, or I’m swamped with friends … like my favorite one wearing the ASU hat. When I see her I vacate my bladder all over the floor. Is that embarrassing? Yup. Do I have control over my delight when I see her? Absolutely not.

If I’m lucky, Mom will come home from one of her many activities and bring me something to enjoy.


After a long, comparatively cold, and somewhat rainy winter, we’ve flipped the script to late Spring and temps approaching 90 degrees already. This means that Dad is taking me for golf cart rides. All I’ve got to do is give him the look …


… and next thing you know he finds me green grass.


In a few weeks our last guests of the spring arrive (my dear friend Frank, who has been known to use my tummy as a trampoline … oooooof), and then we take a few weeks off before heading out in the RV for a bit of fun.

P.S.: Catch this … while I’m still down a half-pound from last year, I haven’t made enough progress. So my vet is forcing Dad to eliminate treats … well, I take that back. I have to swap out my typical dog treats for … wait for it … wait for it … BLUEBERRIES!! No, not the type you’d enjoy in a cobbler or crisp or slump, caked in sugar … but the real thing … actual blueberries. And I LOVE ‘EM!!