The Moth

Hello! It’s me.


Leafy greens

Hold no power over me.


Only the feathery antennae

of a delicate moth

trying to flee

holds power over me.


Please come down.

Allow me to crush your menacing thorax

On our artificial lawn.


I promise to be brief, because

Your abdomen will be locked like a vice

Between my teeth.


I’ll remove the dust from your wing.

It might sting.

Limiting your ability to fly away.


Come down and play.



You refuse?

Then go to the light

And I’ll give up this fight.

I’ll wait

For the date

When this becomes your fate.



Warming Up!

Hello! It’s me!


We’re doing a lot of sunset walks these days, and for good reason … it’s warming up! Dad tells me it’s gonna hit a hundred this weekend. A hundred! Whatever that means. All I know is it is nice and warm.

Mom decided to do something extra-special for me, now that temps are warming up. Are you ready for this? She bought me a SWIMMING POOL!! At first, I was a skeptic. I mean, who wants to swim in a plastic cylinder filled with tepid city water, #amirite?


I was reluctant to jump in, much in the same way that that a pup is reluctant to get a temperature reading at the vet. That’s when Mom tried to sweeten the deal by tossing some H2O my way … INCOMING!!


Tempted … but skeptical.


Seconds later, Mom just dunked me in the pool.


It took me all of three milli-seconds to jump out and storm the yard trying to remove the tepid fluid from my supple coating of bodily fur.


Then I thought to myself, maybe poolside living isn’t all that bad? A quiet resignation came over me.


Mom and Dad motivated my poolside malaise to go away with a sunset walk.


We peered out to the west … realizing that the end of the day was symbolic of the end of something else …


… that something else being the end of our spring-time visit to the Sonoran Desert. In just two weeks, we’ll trade in 100 degrees for 60 Pacific Northwest degrees. I’ll be honest … I like it here. I wouldn’t mind staying. But I can’t drive a car, and quite honestly I have no control over my life, so I’ll go where Mom and Dad take me. Maybe they’ll take me to see my beloved Wendy.

I’ll happily sit in a plastic cylinder of tepid H2O with Wendy!

Pondering The Future

Hello! It’s me!


The dumbfounded look is because of this comic.


Makes you think, #amirite?

By the way, a quick shout-out to the quilters up north dealing with the aftermath of a major windstorm #thoughtsandprayers.


Down south, Mom bought me my own Lawn Chair!


With my new seat resting four inches off the ground, I have ample opportunity to assess threats … like this one.


Mom took me for a golf cart ride to see if we could find any bunnies …


It turned out that the bunnies were in hiding during the daytime heat … but were in ample supply following an afternoon of crafting.


Once we get past Easter, we must ponder the future … a trip back to the Pacific Northwest. Gone will be the days of 90 degree temps and sunshine … replaced by who knows what? I relax on our couch, wondering whether Wendy is still patiently waiting to see me?


I just wonder if there will be any palm trees in the Northwest when we get there?


Or will there still be major windstorm damage when we arrive?


I don’t have answers to these questions … I just ponder the future. Maybe I should ask Alexa what she thinks?

Kill The Wabbit

Hello! It’s me.


It’s been a long three weeks since we last spoke. I’ve been inundated with guests bringing treats.


Of course, after sampling the wine, I felt a bit woozy.


Yet I awake to a new day, one full of promise.


These days, there are storm clouds brewing.



Well, I’ve always said that there are four primary threats.

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metal.
  4. Chupacabra.

To our list, I add a fifth threat.

  • Rabbits.

There are pros and cons to rabbits.

  • Pro = Delicious bodily droppings.
  • Con = Still a threat.

On a daily basis, I move into this mode (please visit the website if the video doesn’t play via email.

If possible, it’s fun to have a friend take you out to go rabbit hunting. I politely ask for my opportunity.


And then my friend and I are off and running …


We don’t always find rabbits … sometimes what we find is downright disturbing.


And sometimes we just stay clear of trouble.


Heck, I don’t even know what I’d do if I caught a rabbit. Yesterday I beat a cricket silly on my evening walk, but it’s not hard to demolish the exoskeleton of a cricket, now is it?

In my own yard, rabbits like to habitate in our flora. Here’s their favorite spot.


From there, the rabbits sneak under our backyard door …


Then they romp through the backyard …


… before exiting through the tiny holes on the other side of the backyard.


After exiting the backyard, they terrorize me by frolicking all over our front yard.


This continues … all day long. I am tormented by their presence.


Unable to catch a rabbit, I resort to tearing the stuffing out of delphinus delphis.


Our stay in the desert southwest ends in five weeks. I’ll be honest … I’m lobbying to stay longer. My work here hunting rabbits is far from over.