Kill The Wabbit

Hello! It’s me.


It’s been a long three weeks since we last spoke. I’ve been inundated with guests bringing treats.


Of course, after sampling the wine, I felt a bit woozy.


Yet I awake to a new day, one full of promise.


These days, there are storm clouds brewing.



Well, I’ve always said that there are four primary threats.

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metal.
  4. Chupacabra.

To our list, I add a fifth threat.

  • Rabbits.

There are pros and cons to rabbits.

  • Pro = Delicious bodily droppings.
  • Con = Still a threat.

On a daily basis, I move into this mode (please visit the website if the video doesn’t play via email.

If possible, it’s fun to have a friend take you out to go rabbit hunting. I politely ask for my opportunity.


And then my friend and I are off and running …


We don’t always find rabbits … sometimes what we find is downright disturbing.


And sometimes we just stay clear of trouble.


Heck, I don’t even know what I’d do if I caught a rabbit. Yesterday I beat a cricket silly on my evening walk, but it’s not hard to demolish the exoskeleton of a cricket, now is it?

In my own yard, rabbits like to habitate in our flora. Here’s their favorite spot.


From there, the rabbits sneak under our backyard door …


Then they romp through the backyard …


… before exiting through the tiny holes on the other side of the backyard.


After exiting the backyard, they terrorize me by frolicking all over our front yard.


This continues … all day long. I am tormented by their presence.


Unable to catch a rabbit, I resort to tearing the stuffing out of delphinus delphis.


Our stay in the desert southwest ends in five weeks. I’ll be honest … I’m lobbying to stay longer. My work here hunting rabbits is far from over.

4 thoughts on “Kill The Wabbit

  1. Looks like a desert paradise to me….all except the poisonous snakes and insects part. Maybe you could just make friends with the bunnies? They could show you exciting things I bet . Keep having fun Dash and tell your mom to take pictures of the “Creative Commons” areas!


  2. Great to hear from you. I was wondering what happened. My imagination went wild–Senario #1The javelin gang came by and whisked you away to join their smelly ( remember I told you they smelled bad?) adventures Senario #2 You found Wendy and you and she are on a road trip
    Senario #3 You joined a gang of wild mutant bunnies and are now hopping around. you can tell I have quite an imagination!!!!!!
    Good thing you aren’t here today–it is sunny but we woke up to 38 degrees and now it is a balmy 52. Yahoo!!! Take care. Auntie Janet


  3. Too bad you are not coming home sooner little bro. Next weekend we go out to the Pacific Rim Institute for our Spring field trial. It’s all about the bunny and tracking them down. I never get to bite one, or hardly even see them, but I can smell them everywhere. Then it’s off to Canada for a show on Easter weekend. See you soon, buddy.


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