Pondering The Future

Hello! It’s me!


The dumbfounded look is because of this comic.


Makes you think, #amirite?

By the way, a quick shout-out to the quilters up north dealing with the aftermath of a major windstorm #thoughtsandprayers.


Down south, Mom bought me my own Lawn Chair!


With my new seat resting four inches off the ground, I have ample opportunity to assess threats … like this one.


Mom took me for a golf cart ride to see if we could find any bunnies …


It turned out that the bunnies were in hiding during the daytime heat … but were in ample supply following an afternoon of crafting.


Once we get past Easter, we must ponder the future … a trip back to the Pacific Northwest. Gone will be the days of 90 degree temps and sunshine … replaced by who knows what? I relax on our couch, wondering whether Wendy is still patiently waiting to see me?


I just wonder if there will be any palm trees in the Northwest when we get there?


Or will there still be major windstorm damage when we arrive?


I don’t have answers to these questions … I just ponder the future. Maybe I should ask Alexa what she thinks?

5 thoughts on “Pondering The Future

  1. Windstorms up here, yes… but the + side was the waves!!!! If I knew how to attach a photo, you’d see what I mean. Like WOWWWWZER WAVES!!!!! By the time the Easter bunnies are distributed, the belongings packed, and the miles are behind you, it will be glorious up here, in prime SJI spring. Not only your precious (if somewhat elusive) Wendy, but all of us will be delighted to see you again, person to dog!!!!! Have a good ride, and be sure to post pictures along the way.


  2. Yo Dash,

    Good thinking on that lawn chair. Keeps you out of reach of those pesky salamanders.
    Whopping wind storm up nort eh? Just better hope that no “Haboobs” getcha before you leave Arizona. We hear that chupercabras hide in them seeking small pets to devour.

    Hoppy Easter!


  3. Who in the heck is Alexq???? I was in that windstorm on Vashon–my car was right behind the car that got cables all over there top and hood. Mary D had just bought that car 4 days before. Auntie Janet


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