Warming Up!

Hello! It’s me!


We’re doing a lot of sunset walks these days, and for good reason … it’s warming up! Dad tells me it’s gonna hit a hundred this weekend. A hundred! Whatever that means. All I know is it is nice and warm.

Mom decided to do something extra-special for me, now that temps are warming up. Are you ready for this? She bought me a SWIMMING POOL!! At first, I was a skeptic. I mean, who wants to swim in a plastic cylinder filled with tepid city water, #amirite?


I was reluctant to jump in, much in the same way that that a pup is reluctant to get a temperature reading at the vet. That’s when Mom tried to sweeten the deal by tossing some H2O my way … INCOMING!!


Tempted … but skeptical.


Seconds later, Mom just dunked me in the pool.


It took me all of three milli-seconds to jump out and storm the yard trying to remove the tepid fluid from my supple coating of bodily fur.


Then I thought to myself, maybe poolside living isn’t all that bad? A quiet resignation came over me.


Mom and Dad motivated my poolside malaise to go away with a sunset walk.


We peered out to the west … realizing that the end of the day was symbolic of the end of something else …


… that something else being the end of our spring-time visit to the Sonoran Desert. In just two weeks, we’ll trade in 100 degrees for 60 Pacific Northwest degrees. I’ll be honest … I like it here. I wouldn’t mind staying. But I can’t drive a car, and quite honestly I have no control over my life, so I’ll go where Mom and Dad take me. Maybe they’ll take me to see my beloved Wendy.

I’ll happily sit in a plastic cylinder of tepid H2O with Wendy!

4 thoughts on “Warming Up!

  1. Great to hear from you Dash!!! Wow! Your own swimming pool–yep–too bad Wendy isn’t there to share it with you.
    We hit a balmy 62 degrees yesterday–beautiful sun! I am looking forward to seeing you.All of my friends are busy working on that darn 1876 quilt. Two people finished–Linda and Liz and the rest are sewing up a storm. I am glad I went with my gut feeling and didn’t get into that project.
    Take care and have a safe journey. Auntie Janet


  2. It is hard to believe that 100 degrees there is. It as bad as it sounds! Ah! Heat and low humidity…great combination. Spring is springing, albeit slowly, here in your northern stampin grounds. We all miss you all…so hurry back but tell your folks to travel safely!


  3. Yo Dash,

    Lucky duck, having your own pool.

    Just be wary in case TWO tubs appear with Wendy in the other one like in the Cialis commercials.

    Who knows what might ensue then while watching the sun set.

    Did we say “lucky” duck ?!?


  4. Watch out Dash. Colette is coming and she can be mighty enticing(at least for us). You may just want to chase her into your pool.


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