Tourist (Threat) Season Is Upon Us

Hello. It’s me!


They’re crawling out of the woodwork … tourists, or as I call them … “Threats”. We have for categories for threats.

  • Real.
  • Perceived.
  • Rusted Metal.
  • Chupacabra.

Tourists are real, and therefore they are classified as “Real” threats.

I like to set up my post at the confluence of local streets that connect to a major arterial. It’s not like I have a choice, this is where I live after all and this is the only place Dad will allow me to monitor threats without the restrictive limitations of a leash.


Wait … is something there?? Chupacabra? Airborne rusted metals?


It’s important to monitor all possible directions … to the north …


… to the East where the wide open and largely unprotected arterial exists …


… and to the South, where just about anything can suddenly appear from behind the house.


On a glorious Winter morning, I didn’t identify a single threat. That doesn’t mean that the threats weren’t out there … it just means I didn’t identify any. Was I frustrated? Absolutely. Pixelated? Sure!


But the day is coming, oh yes, mark my words, the day is coming when a tourist (threat) presents real issues … and when that happens, I’ll be on the job, first to alert my peeps of the potential for danger.

Those Vehicles Are Everywhere!

Hello!! It’s me.


These are odd times … temperatures around 65-72 every day. Mom and Dad like to spend time in their spa. I’m left to spend time watching them.


Sometimes you just want to do something … anything. So when Mom asked me to go to a quilt show with her, I’m like, “I’m in!!”

Mom was busy quilting, so Dad and I decided to survey the grounds … check out the pups, if you catch my drift.


And then, just then, I see one of “those vehicles”.


Those vehicles contain one of two things …

  1. Packages for Mom.
  2. Treats for Me!!

If “Treats for Me” is an option, one must pursue the dream, #amirite?

I asked Dad … can I pursue the dream?



The answer?



Unfortunately, the building entrance closed just after the FedEx delivery employee entered the building. This seems to happen a lot to me.


So I waited … and waited … and then, just when I was about to give up on the dream, he reappeared.


… but alas … no treat.


So I’ll wait until next time … eventually the right employee will exit the truck with the right treat … for me! After all, those vehicles are everywhere.