End of an ERA

Hello … it’s me!!


Something funny was going on, pups. I was spending a lot of time at home. Worse, when Mom & Dad were home, they were constantly messing around with our RV. Why would they be unloading stuff all of the time, even when it was close to 100 degrees out?

It was almost like they were getting rid of the RV, #amirite? I held vigil while they kept hauling stuff out to the garage.


Mom and Dad tried to distract me … having me spend time with friends while they kept behaving mysteriously.


Yesterday, Dad shows me a picture.

I wonder … why is our ERA parked at an RV lot next to that brand new Winnebago Fuse?


Then Dad shows me a picture of our RV parking spot … and there is that Winnebago Fuse again, but it has the carrier that was on the Era. Hmmmmm.


All I’m asking is for temperatures that aren’t 100 degrees, so I can spend a little time in what may well be a new rig that I’ll be taking to the Midwest in three weeks. I hear it is supposed to be in the mid-70s this coming week. Maybe … just maybe … Mom and Dad will let me see if the rumors are true. Is this the end of an Era? And if it truly is, what do my accommodations look like? Did Mom & Dad truly think of me, of ME, when making such a life-altering decision?



Hello … it’s me!


Yup – that’s me. Exhausted.

We haven’t chatted in nearly a month, and for good reason. It’s been an endless array of guests and vinipotes here at La Casa de la Doxie. Dad’s tired … I just caught him napping in his chair when he should have been working.

I sit and wait for the next visitor …



But every once in awhile, I get a surprise … like when my dear friend Frank arrives (visit the website if email does not emulate the video:  http://dashthedachshund.com).

That’s some sweet action, #amirite?

And in-between visits, I got to spend some time with my dear friend Hanna.


She’s not shy about her unabashed preference for my company.


Then she fell asleep.


Anyway, we’re about five weeks away from a BIG TRIP in the RV … we’re headed to the Midwest (FYI – I’ve been there, I’m an avid traveler as you may already know). That’s when the fun really begins. Until then, we’re preppin’, getting things ready so that we can have big time fun.

P.S.: I am hopeful that the snow in the Midwest will melt over the next five weeks.