Yuletide Pup

Hello. It’s me!!


Thanksgiving weekend … and we’ve got it all goin’ on … Casita construction, football, and Christmas decorations.

Take a look at this decoration.


Is it a decoration? Is it? IS IT? This video tells you what I think of our yuletide pup (visit the website if you cannot see the video via email).

It’s a disturbing video, #amirite? Yuletide pup just sits there and stares while I do all talking. What kind of relationship is that? And I didn’t ask for the relationship in the first place.

I put my uncomfortable relationship with yuletide pup aside for a few minutes … it is Thanksgiving weekend and that means non-stop FOOTBALL. Watch me run the jet sweep (visit the website if you are reading this via email … http://dashthedachshund.com).

I spent the first half of my life chasing chupacabras, assessing threats, generally exploring the wood chipper of life with gusto.


So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that I can tote the pigskin. For my next act of genius, I plan on figuring out what the heck a QR code is doing on a woodchipper. Maybe the QR code will grant me the knowledge necessary to deal with yuletide pup.

Pex! We’ve Got Pex!

Hello! It’s me!!


Casita USA is moving right along, pups … and there is no time for vacationing in an RV in 80 degree weather because I’ve gotta inspect the pex. But first off, I have to navigate the expansive yard of sand that I now inhabit.


So across the dunes I go.


Did you see those red lines? That’s the outline for where the pool is going to be. Three months from now I’ll be in the process of drowning if I’m located right there, #amirite?

Plumbing and Electrical are in process – today I got to inspect the pex.


Blue is for cold water, pups!

Guess what? Mom and Dad took me over to the model homes so I could see what appliances are installed in the model Casitas. They let the pups come in!!


That’s a good deal!

We headed home later in the afternoon, and Dad put on satellite radio for me. I get to hear this song five times a day … and quite honestly, that’s five times a day too much!



Supervising The Progress

Hello. It’s me!


Just a quick note before I get back to pounding some nails in two-by-fours, k?

I’ve been busy supervising activities … and in the course of two weeks, things have really moved along.


In my spare time, I shared a few chewies with my new bestie, Frank.


And after a hard day of supervising duct work, I like to kick it with a small serving of duck jerky, #amirite?