Yuletide Pup

Hello. It’s me!!


Thanksgiving weekend … and we’ve got it all goin’ on … Casita construction, football, and Christmas decorations.

Take a look at this decoration.


Is it a decoration? Is it? IS IT? This video tells you what I think of our yuletide pup (visit the website if you cannot see the video via email).

It’s a disturbing video, #amirite? Yuletide pup just sits there and stares while I do all talking. What kind of relationship is that? And I didn’t ask for the relationship in the first place.

I put my uncomfortable relationship with yuletide pup aside for a few minutes … it is Thanksgiving weekend and that means non-stop FOOTBALL. Watch me run the jet sweep (visit the website if you are reading this via email … http://dashthedachshund.com).

I spent the first half of my life chasing chupacabras, assessing threats, generally exploring the wood chipper of life with gusto.


So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that I can tote the pigskin. For my next act of genius, I plan on figuring out what the heck a QR code is doing on a woodchipper. Maybe the QR code will grant me the knowledge necessary to deal with yuletide pup.

2 thoughts on “Yuletide Pup

  1. Boy–a whole new path in life—wood chipper???? I haven’t seen any trees in your yard. What is going on? You can’t cut down and chip cactus!!!
    Will you be able to go swimming on Christmas Day??? Will you EVER have a potty field? Hang in there Dash. Auntie Janet


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