Cerenia Now!

Hello … it’s me!!


Well, it’s been a busy few weeks. Most pups are preparing for Christmas. I’m busy supervising my back yard.


It’s non-stop supervision. And you have to stay on these contractors, or the whole project can go askew.


I don’t know about you, but I like to get down into the details. No 30,000 foot view from my perspective.


Back on solid ground, I inspect the surroundings, always assessing potential threats. I find great joy in probing sand for potential lunch-time morsels.


I know the average doxie has an established routine … one that looks something like this.

Dachshund In Native Habitat

I’m not against that, but before I took a nap I needed to inspect the pool equipment for rusted metals.


In a few days shotcrete goes in the pool. Then we are making progress.


It looks like the casita will be done around Christmas Day. Dad already ding’d a wall moving the toilet in (#goodmemories #careless #touchuppaint).




All of this work exhausted me. I began to feel bad.


Next thing you know, I set a #personalbest with an even twenty trips outside to go to the bathroom.

This prompted a trip to the vet.


Do you know what my x-rays revealed?



I don’t know what “gas in the fundus” is, but it isn’t exactly pleasant!

I was prescribed a four-pack of Cerenia and pills to quell the desire of my intestinal tract to pump waste materials through my plumbing every 45 minutes. Oh, and a bonus shot to stop vomiting. Oh, and some gravy flavored sprinkle-ings that are fortified with bacterium.

Mmmmmmm …. fortified.

That was Friday. Today is Tuesday, and I’m returning to normal. There’s nothing like a little bit of diaper rash cream to subside the swelling, #amirite?


8 thoughts on “Cerenia Now!

  1. Yo Dash,

    Gas in the fundus eh? That’ll put a kink in yer colon. NOW, back to inspecting the construction project. Gotta keep those boys on schedule.

    Oh, be sure to put your paw prints into that “shotcrete” along with a “star”.
    It’ll be just like Marilyn, Lassie, etal at Mann’s Chinese Theater in L.A.



    • Poor little man….. good thing you got the cooling sauve for his backside. With Christmas around the corner no one wants to mistake dash for Rudolph running backwards if you know what I mean.

      Pool and casita pictures look amazing. Will there be a basketball hoop for a rematch?


  2. Suzie the poodle says “I’m very familiar with Cerenia and the whole business. Oh, and I am also pro-biotics. Been there, done that” . Take care of yourself, build up some stamina, and begin your swim lessons! Happy Holidays!


  3. Good grief–you poor thing. Digestive stuff is the pitts. Did you loose any weight? If you did–what a poor way to do it.
    I am glad that you are keeping on top of the construction–someone needs to(not that Dad doesn’t try) Auntie Janet.


  4. Wow! 3 pounds since August is fantastic (wish I could say the same)! Must be all the supervision work, keepin’ busy, no time to beg for treats, eh? Must say, they’re doing a FINE job… both casita and pool are looking great. I agree with G’pa and G’ma about the paw print and star! Totally cool idea!


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