A Song And A Wager

Hello. It’s ME!!


I wrote a song for Christmas. I thought you might like to read the lyrics.


My dear friends.

Bought me wine.

And the wine scared the living daylights out of me.


But Dad drank the wine.

And it was a mighty fine wine he said as he became more giddy with each drop.

All I was left with was residual frap.


I spent Christmas with Frank.

We’re good friends, so that’s why he sat

… on my mat.


While Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa and my Aunt celebrated Christmas,

Frank and I Assessed Threats.

Frank spotted something odd on the cactus across the street.


I dug deeper.

But I was stymied.

As my own Christmas Story intersected with another.


I ran out of lyrics.

So I end my song.

As the sun sets on my Christmas home.


Georgy Porgy pudding pie.

Kiss the girls and make them cry ….

Oh wait, I got confused.

Our backyard is coming along nicely …


But I’m getting impatient … MOM, WHEN WILL I HAVE NEW ARTIFICIAL TURF???


Well … WHEN??!

Mom says, “Why don’t you invite your loyal followers, your readers, the very ones you owe your staggering social media success to, to guess the final date of completion of the Casita and Back Yard?”

  • Mom = February 4 (Super Bowl).
  • Dad = February 14 (#romance).

Use the comments section to offer your guess. The day the pool is full is the official completion date. The winner earns a coveted Major Award. Just not this one from up the street.


10 thoughts on “A Song And A Wager

  1. I can’t believe you snuck a Georgy Pordgy lyric in there! 😂 And I love the Fra-gee-lay major award across the street. They must be Italian.
    I’m going to guess Feb 7 for completion, for no reason other than I like the number 7 and feel it could be lucky in warding off threats. 😉
    Thanks for the progress update, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  2. Oh! Fun post!!! Great photos, great lyrics, er poem, er story, and great contest (#cantresistem). OK, so I’ll go out on a limb in the opposite direction from the other votes, assuming you mean COMPLETELY finished, and say March 21 (the day Spring begins, and it’s warm enough down there to be in the pool, yet still cool enough to spread out on a lounge chair in the sun). Please tell your mom I enjoy viewing her best-ever-Christmas-card every single day!!! Love and hugs and happy new year!


  3. So good to hear from you Dash. Christmas sounded like fun. WOW! Where did they find that wine??? Scary–glad dad found it good. I am going to go with Feb 14–romantic that I am–as the completion date. We are having people over for our traditional Chili Feed for the Rose Bowl Game on Monday. Have a great New Year!! Auntie Janet


  4. So great to hear from you guys. I have an old high school friend who just got her new baby from Sweet Cream Dachshunds in Chandler Az. She lives in Surprise. So I read about that on Facebook. Reminds me of when you first got Dash in Friday Harbor. Judy


  5. I think I’ll try Feb 23rd. I don’t know why.
    We had a nice Christmas. John says that for New Year’s, if he is still awake, he will step outside with a large pot and wooden spoon and beat in a new year. I wager that he will be asleep. We’re having lots of rain today. A good excuse for staying inside and knitting. Although I can make that excuse for just about any reason. Drove by SCH a couple of weeks ago. Not that much progress being made as far as I could tell. Looked about the same as the photos I sent to you a while ago.
    Have a nice New Year’s. Hoping the Seahawks will make it to the Super Bowl.


  6. Yo Dash,

    G’ma Benz says she’s already got a $Dollar on Feb 14th POOL pool. Ties go to the eldest 🙂
    G’Pa Benz also says he’s placed a $Dollar bet too, but on Feb 28th towards the POOL pool.

    How about another pool on when the POOL temp reaches 92 degrees?

    Loved your Dasholiscious Christmas decorations. Good job!


  7. Ummmm….well,that soil sure looks sandy…..erhhhh. oh! That’s why they call it desert I guess! It will feel better soon Dashie!

    All’s soggy and grey here on the western front, but it beats the frozen tundra of Eastern shores right about now.

    My vote? February 14…..
    but then again I am used to snail slow island time….so I accept that I might loose!

    Love to all of you desert dwellers. We still miss you❤️


  8. February 14th, The Day of Love. That’s my wager date. If you can steal that leg lamp away from your neighbor, I’ll take it for a prize! Dash, sure hope that gas in the fundus (who’d of thunk it?) has now dissipated into thin air. No one should have to undergo such an event. It’s beautiful here. We can see snow ALL OVER Mt. Baker and we can see the Canadian mountains to the North and the skies are clear, Fidalgo Bay a frigid deep blue. Deception Pass Beach was filled with bundled up famillies with their kids and dogs…Dash would have been right at home. Okay, Almost Happy New Year to you Guys, Laura


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