Happy New Year!

Hello! It’s me.


The tradition in our house on New Year’s Eve is the serving of a delicious Grasshopper (click here). I’d rather suffocate licking one than not have access to one.

May you have a great New Year!! I’m looking forward to a lot of travel in 2018, as long as Dad gets the macerator discharge hose fixed.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Yo Dash,

    HOLY MACERATOR HOSE Bat-dog. Just get the Family Truckster back from the shop after a window crank repair, and now THIS. What’s a pup to do? Oh, of course, imbibe a little creme de menthe and ice cream. Sounds like 2018 is off to a good start, maybe.

    Yappy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year!!! Did you make any resolutions? Maybe you could persuade a mechanic to go with you on vacation. We would all love to see you if you get out this way. Auntie Janet


  3. Happy New Year from cold sunny Florida……:-) Glad to see you Dash enjoying that grasshopper….good for you. Had to laugh though about the macerator hose since I know from personal experience about that one. How a motorhome made in Canada, mine, could have a macerator hose put in that fell apart in 16 degree temps still amazes me to this day. I started across the U.S. and stayed overnight in Pendleton, OR in 19 degree temps and after that night had to duct tape the hose, little by little, all the way to FL as it kept cracking.The motorhome was new then. Fortunately, I have a son that installed a super heavy marine hose and I haven’t had an issue since. Joys of RVing……:-) 2018 will be better, I hope…….


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