Three January Snaps For Your Perusal

Hello, it’s me! I thought you might enjoy a photogenic synopsis of what I now call my “January Journey” … with three images of my marvelous evolution.

January 2016:


January 2017:


And today:


I went from virtually no fur to brown fur to blonde and fluffy fur. My personality remains consistently vibrant, of course, but the physical transformation is something to behold, #amirite?

Looking back to January 2016, I was utterly stubtacular.

May you have a stubtacular New Year as you undergo your own personal metamorphosis.


4 thoughts on “Three January Snaps For Your Perusal

  1. Wow Dash!!!! What a handsome guy you are–a wonder to behold. Wendy is really missing out on something!!!
    I met a wonderful girl for you–a lovely sight to behold. Her name is Bonz–she is a French Bulldog and quite lovely( she is half Boston Bull too) My friend CJ brought her to school for the day and she stole the show. She has that French elegance–you know. Cool–calm and beautiful.
    There is life after Wendy!!! Auntie Janet

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  2. Handsome, indeed! And my how time flies… two whole years since I first met you. Eeeek! Let’s keep up the tradition of the Jan 1 Dash Documentary, OK?! Happy new year to you and your family! ❤ ❤ ❤ (< hearts, y'know)


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