Veggie Bone!!

Hello. It’s me!


Yup, I’ve got a VEGGIE BONE!!!

Here’s a video of me hiding the veggie bone … nobody will find it in the couch, #amirite?

I guess if there’s video evidence of me hiding it there, somebody is bound to find it. So I took the VEGGIE BONE elsewhere.


Then I hid the VEGGIE BONE so well that I couldn’t get to it! Help!



Dad saved the day … he rescued my VEGGIE BONE!


From there, it was a frantic rush around the house culminating in the digestion of the VEGGIE BONE.



Every Wednesday and Sunday, Dad puts a VEGGIE BONE in my dish. Every Wednesday and Sunday, I partake in big time excitement culminating in sumptuous nourishment.

Maybe I could get a bonus VEGGIE BONE? Dad? What do you say?

3 thoughts on “Veggie Bone!!

  1. Doesn’t your mom and dad realize that dogs are meat eaters–not vegans??? Sheesh! But–I guess if you like them–that is O.K.
    It is raining cats and dogs here ( VERY BIG DOGS) The baseball field at St Francis Church is a pond—I expect shark fins to float by any minute. Guess I will go upstairs and quilt–SIGH!!! Auntie Janet


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