Supervising The Progress

Hello. It’s me!


Just a quick note before I get back to pounding some nails in two-by-fours, k?

I’ve been busy supervising activities … and in the course of two weeks, things have really moved along.


In my spare time, I shared a few chewies with my new bestie, Frank.


And after a hard day of supervising duct work, I like to kick it with a small serving of duck jerky, #amirite?


3 thoughts on “Supervising The Progress

  1. Yo Dash,

    Appears that you REALLY are being a good sidewalk superintendent. Is that a little sawdust we spotted on your whiskers? Glad to see that “Frank” and you are pals that share treats. Understand that he puts on a few more miles per day than yourself. That’s okay though, remember the tortoise & the hare? Duck chewies to the victor 🙂

    See you in six weeks.


  2. supervising is a hard job. Looks like things are moving along. Are you enjoying having mom back? Auntie Janet Sheesh–high winds yesterday and today. Send some warmth our way


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