Hello! It’s me!


Our yard is a war zone … not in the militaristic sense, but certainly in some other sense I don’t possess the language to describe. Our casita has a foundation and much of the trenching is complete.


So Dad says “we’re getting out of the house today, let’s do some chores.” I thought this would be fun. It wasn’t much fun. I’d rather be doing this (visit the website if your email message doesn’t render the video like I’m rendering this creature) …

We prepared for our trip.


And we drove.


I snacked.


I sought out a change of scenery.


Dad kept listening to his music. I got tired of his music. I wanted to listen to my music for once. So I asked Dad a simple question.


“Can I listen to this song?”


Dad said the smoke from Snoop Dogg’s weed would penetrate our car if we listened to his music. He said no.

I asked for this song.


Dad asked me to stop asking for songs from artists with the word “Dogg” in their name.

I asked for this song.


Dad said I couldn’t ask for a song currently playing on SiriusXM. We then had this conversation:

Me: Can I hear something from Fats Domino? He died last week.

Dad: No. And you don’t even know a single Fats Domino song.

Ain’t that a shame? Hmmmm.

So we went back to endless driving. I felt boxed in, unable to do anything, unable to go anywhere.



But then Dad stopped at a classic establishment …


There’s nothing wrong with Chicken Chorizo, #amirite?


Did you see me stalking the goods?

And then more driving.



Our next stop was to pick up a sewing machine for Mom. Finally a diversion from the endless array of pop hits Dad forced upon me.



Dad said we were headed home. Whew!


When we finally got home (three hours later) I resumed normally scheduled activities.


It’s not fun to do chores. It’s even less fun to listen to Dad’s music. It’s a lot of fun to chew on rawhide!

4 thoughts on “Chores

  1. Yo Dash,

    Let us in as to what you wore when you went Trick or Treating on Halloween. Could it have been as “Snoop Dog”, Toto or the ever Fabulous Nate Dogg? Did you rake in a plethora of “Bonz” and “Pupperoni”? Also, kinda funny how your Dad managed to get the late “Fats” Domino and a ice chest full of “Butcher Bob’s” goodies into your latest post. Sounds like some folks are gonna get their “Thrill” on Pebble Creek hill 🙂


  2. Wow!!!! I think you and dad are suffering from a rare disease that only last 6 days–It is called Bacheloritis. Mom away having fun at Houston and you and dad trying to find something fun to do–I mean–really Kevin—a trip to the butcher shop??? How about the dog park–frisbee throwing–???
    Auntie Janet


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