Let The Building Commence!

Hello! It’s me!


Thanks to all of you who offered birthday wishes yesterday … I turned two (2), which means that I’m a big boy capable of big boy adventures.


Did you see the mess in my back yard? I’ve been playing in the mess all week. It turns out that we truly are building a Casita and Pool!!


Our new friends, who arrive at 6:40am with heavy-duty equipment in tow, had to dig a trench for our sewer. It was a delightfully disruptive process.




The builders told me the foundation goes in early next week – and then vertical building of the Casita begins in earnest!

Our builders cleaned things up nicely yesterday – efficient work if I may be so bold.


A few tidbits for you. First, if you are going to Lowe’s and are in need of a gift for Christmas, consider this:


Second, I enjoy a good comic as much as the next pup, #amirite?

Dachshund In Native Habitat

And third, speaking of birthdays … please give a big welcome to my half-brothers and half-sisters … look at those little cuties!



6 thoughts on “Let The Building Commence!

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday, I hope your mom and dad gave you a proper celebration. Thank you for sharing those great pictures of your latest constuction adventure. It’s great fun to follow you as always. I don’t reply often, but I do love your all your adventures.


  2. Oh, I DO enjoy your reports!!! You’re right, the workers cleanup efforts look awesome. Shouldn’t take too long to get finished. Your selected short subjects at the end are way fun, especially the pups. But why do they wear collars at their tender young age??? Flees???? (Hope not!) Pls. tell your mom it the annual Interisland Textile Guild meeting today… I’ll miss her.


  3. Yo Dash,
    Glad to hear that you turned 14 (Dog Years) yesterday. Won’t be long before you’re steering Ye Olde Golf Cart, eh. Yowser, those construction folks sure have their stuff together. They didn’t dig up any “Bonz” that you’d hidden out in the yard did they? Better have Mom & dad pick up some ear muffs for you so you don’t miss any “beauty Sleep” whilst the hammering & sawing noisy din commences. Congrats on the additions to your Family Tree. Can there ever be too many “Doxies”? #amirite
    Okay, Bucky Badger won today. NOW, pull those “Packers” through against the “Aints” at Lambeau on Sunday. Cheers!


  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!! You are officially a teenager–poor mom and dad. Don’t ask for the keys to the golf cart, don’t stay out late at night and don’t imbibe in any illegal drinks. Otherwise-have a great birthday!
    Glad to see construction has begun. I gather that the potty field will be last. Auntie Janet


  5. Happy Birthday, Dash!
    David and I were talking about you this morning; at 1:30am actually!
    With the bedroom windows open, we woke to the sounds of a little dog barking in (what sounded like) our woods. We both said to each other, “That could be a little Dash out there!”, so we dressed, grabbed flashlights, and went hiking through the woods at 1:30am.
    Fortunately, after walking a ways, we were able to determine that “Little Dash” was *not* in the woods, but past the trees, across the creek, and in someone’s backyard. So glad.
    Although, this morning David said to me, “I thought we were going to get a little Dash last night.” Awwww
    We sure love you little Dashie!
    Keep an eye out for “threats” during the pool construction! 🙂


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