Window Treatments

Hello. It’s me!

When you just want to get a few Zs, sometimes it helps to close your window treatments. Make the room as dark as possible, #amirite?

Or maybe you just want to shield your eyes from the horrific political commercials? Why are these people so darn angry? I just don’t need that kind of immature and uncaring behavior in my life. A sumptuous crunchable and quality window treatments … that’s all you really need … well, that and avoiding rusted metals at all costs.

1 thought on “Window Treatments

  1. Oh, oh. Dashing Dash, did you mistake a window covering for kibble? Were you nashing your teeth after watching yet another political ad? Nov 3 can’t come soon enough! Take care, stay away from BAD news, get adequate rest, and be careful what you eat for roughage. Auntie Laura sends hugs all around.


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