Hello! It’s me!!


That’s the look I give somebody when they present me with a bag of cookies and nobody has ever given me a bag of cookies before.

But my friend Amy baked me a bag of cookies and wrapped them up nicely and let’s just say I demonstrated sincere appreciation for my gift. Take a look (visit the website if the video doesn’t emulate via email). I was utterly light on my feet!

That’s some tall cotton, #amirite?

Dad has been rationing the home made dog-friendly cookies in bite-sized portions. Not nearly enough to make me happy, of course, but enough to be constantly reminded of the importance of having friends that make you cookies.


Fly Over!

Hello! It’s me.


I like to lock Dad down with my right front paw … it’s the best way to force him to sit with me on the couch for five or six consecutive hours, #amirite?

Anyway, today’s not about me. We had friends visit from Texas … and they brought a drone. They flew the drone over our house and neighborhood. Here’s the video … please visit if you cannot see the footage here.



Hello! It’s me!


There are threats.

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metal.
  4. Chupacabra.

Last week I was visiting friends … Mom says “Is the cat in the house?” Friend says “yes”. I enter the back yard, and this cat (which I swear is actually a chupacabra, #amirite?) puts my head and neck in a vice grip unlike any I’ve ever experienced. As I began to pass out from asphyxiation, Dad kept trying to pull on my leash. This only served to accelerate the slow death I was experiencing.

When the cat/chupacabra finally relented and decided to partake in other activities, I screamed a bunch of obscenities, loudly if I may be so bold.

I was comforted by Mom.


I’m not a fan of the pseudo-chupacabra.

P.S.: Look at what the chupacabra did to our plants in the front yard.