Fly Over!

Hello! It’s me.


I like to lock Dad down with my right front paw … it’s the best way to force him to sit with me on the couch for five or six consecutive hours, #amirite?

Anyway, today’s not about me. We had friends visit from Texas … and they brought a drone. They flew the drone over our house and neighborhood. Here’s the video … please visit if you cannot see the footage here.


6 thoughts on “Fly Over!

  1. Very cool. Bet those solar panels save you a bundle on AC and pool filtering. We are so spoiled on our acreage, don’t think we could ever go back to living in a “neighborhood”.


  2. Yo Dash,

    Oh to think! If you’d take a pound or two off YOU could hitch a ride on that air-mobile.
    Jus’ sayin”.
    Anyway, we did spot that big slice of watermelon pool float resting on the side of your hacienda.
    Fantastic flyover!


  3. great vid! My husband tried that once. the drone crashed in some other yard, he had to go search through peoples back yards and find it. hahaha Where is everyone?


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