Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!

Hello. It’s me!!

So Dad is out taking a walk (#hearthealthy) and he runs across this holy mess.

Dad says that the two women riding in the golf car pulled up to him seconds before he took the photo, and said, and I quote:

“You want us to pull you along by a leash, too? AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!”

It’s like that Seinfeld episode where the Mandelbaum’s are trying to get Jerry in shape, so they tie him to his car and pull him, forcing him to run. Of course, Jerry met his demise when his car overheated days earlier, and Kramer was forced to put his own blood (previously stored in Jerry’s tupperware) in the radiator, causing the blood to drip on the floor board while Jerry was “exercising”. The Mandelbaum boys / greatly aged men became frightened, punching the accelerator and dragging Jerry for a considerable distance.

I only hope no blood drips on the floor board of that golf car.

P.S.: This is how a dog should be associated with a golf car.


2 thoughts on “Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!

  1. Of course you’re right, Dash! Dogs are privileged, especially when they are as handsome and charming as you are! Those girls probably thought they were pretty funny, teasing like that, but in reality it was pretty rude (IMHO).


  2. Shame on those girls–teasing you and dad like that. Boy–what a week for you–dad fixing good food and you only getting a teeny tiny bit. BUT–you are looking rather sveldt. I hope mom is doing a lot of quilting “The Great Pause”. We miss you guys. Auntie Janet


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