Veggie Bone!!

Hello. It’s me!


Yup, I’ve got a VEGGIE BONE!!!

Here’s a video of me hiding the veggie bone … nobody will find it in the couch, #amirite?

I guess if there’s video evidence of me hiding it there, somebody is bound to find it. So I took the VEGGIE BONE elsewhere.


Then I hid the VEGGIE BONE so well that I couldn’t get to it! Help!



Dad saved the day … he rescued my VEGGIE BONE!


From there, it was a frantic rush around the house culminating in the digestion of the VEGGIE BONE.



Every Wednesday and Sunday, Dad puts a VEGGIE BONE in my dish. Every Wednesday and Sunday, I partake in big time excitement culminating in sumptuous nourishment.

Maybe I could get a bonus VEGGIE BONE? Dad? What do you say?

Three January Snaps For Your Perusal

Hello, it’s me! I thought you might enjoy a photogenic synopsis of what I now call my “January Journey” … with three images of my marvelous evolution.

January 2016:


January 2017:


And today:


I went from virtually no fur to brown fur to blonde and fluffy fur. My personality remains consistently vibrant, of course, but the physical transformation is something to behold, #amirite?

Looking back to January 2016, I was utterly stubtacular.

May you have a stubtacular New Year as you undergo your own personal metamorphosis.