Three Weeks To Go #Sigh

Hello! It’s me.



That’s me, sprinting home at Mach 7 in an effort to see what progress has been made on my backyard. You have to understand, I’m sooooooo frustrated with the slowing pace back there. Get the darn thing DONE, #amirite?

There has been progress. We have stone in the backyard, and I like it!


I do get crabby with the pace of progress, to be honest. Look at the upper left lip … that’s my crabby lip.


Mom sensed my displeasure and let me see my friend Frank for an afternoon of pleasure.


I’m being told by the powers that be that we are about three weeks away +/- from finishing this project … three weeks away from having fun stories and adventures once again.

Things are coming together, to be fair.


See – we went from having a lunar landscape to having furniture at the bottom of an empty pool … #progress!

Veggie Bone!!

Hello. It’s me!


Yup, I’ve got a VEGGIE BONE!!!

Here’s a video of me hiding the veggie bone … nobody will find it in the couch, #amirite?

I guess if there’s video evidence of me hiding it there, somebody is bound to find it. So I took the VEGGIE BONE elsewhere.


Then I hid the VEGGIE BONE so well that I couldn’t get to it! Help!



Dad saved the day … he rescued my VEGGIE BONE!


From there, it was a frantic rush around the house culminating in the digestion of the VEGGIE BONE.



Every Wednesday and Sunday, Dad puts a VEGGIE BONE in my dish. Every Wednesday and Sunday, I partake in big time excitement culminating in sumptuous nourishment.

Maybe I could get a bonus VEGGIE BONE? Dad? What do you say?

Three January Snaps For Your Perusal

Hello, it’s me! I thought you might enjoy a photogenic synopsis of what I now call my “January Journey” … with three images of my marvelous evolution.

January 2016:


January 2017:


And today:


I went from virtually no fur to brown fur to blonde and fluffy fur. My personality remains consistently vibrant, of course, but the physical transformation is something to behold, #amirite?

Looking back to January 2016, I was utterly stubtacular.

May you have a stubtacular New Year as you undergo your own personal metamorphosis.