Hips Don’t Lie

Hello. It’s me.


That look means “please don’t make me walk, my right rear hips hurts”, #amirite?

The great “ejection from the house” of 2018 resulted in a bigger issue.

After hobbling on three legs for three days (#symmetry), Mom and Dad took me to the vet. We crossed all of our toes, hoping there wasn’t a break.

The results?


No break – just deep tissue damage in my hip and knee (and according to the vet she could easily see food in my tummy).

Just like that I’m walking again. And vomiting (from the drugs). I’ll take the latter if I can have the former. After all, hips don’t lie.

Ejected From The Building

Hello. It’s me.


That’s me … shrouded in terror.

The weather is crazy … cold (60), and showers were developing to the north.


The pictured shower belched out a downdraft that blew through our new backyard, where the screen door was open. Carnage ensued.


The wind blew through the house and up to the front door, where I was sitting.

The front door closed … quite violently if I may be so bold.


I was sitting in front of the screen door, behind the front door … so when the front door closed violently, the force of the air opened the screen door and ejected me from the building.

Mom and Dad heard the boom and then heard me scream.

When they caught up to me, I was a full city block away, about to cross a thoroughfare, leaving a trail of potty behind me. Mom heard me scream again when the postal worker tried to pick me up … fortunately, Mom yelled at me to wait, and I finally stopped running and waited.

Here’s the view from the scene of the recovery.


Mom held me for about a half-hour while I shivered myself into a calm state (if I were wearing a fitbit, you’d see that my pulse was literally racing). After Mom proclaimed that I “smelled like urine”, Dad soaped me up good and now I rest next to Dad, nursing deep tissue injuries.


I just want to relax in my new back yard … no more downdrafts. And I really need a thorough soak in the spa now.



P.S.  Congrats go to Frank’s Mom, who was four days off in determining the day we could use our back yard (February 20 was the official day). Dad came in second place, missing by 5 days. Mom says we missed by more than two months, but who is counting? I’m too frightened to count, to be honest, after being ejected from the building.

A Quenching Broth of Chemicals

Hello. It’s me!!


That’s my blank stare … Dad, is it done yet? IS IT DONE YET?


I’m tired of hanging out in the front yard. Do I enjoy artificial turf and a non-stop parade of golf carts heading to and fro? Absolutely. But it is time for me to enjoy my big ol’ water bowl in the back yard.

And we’re close. Real close!


The remaining electrical work happens this week … and gas hookups happen on Tuesday. Then we get to heat both of my water bowls!


There’s really nothing better than a quenching broth of chemicals, #amirite?


Over Par

Hello! It’s me!


This is what I’d like to be doing.


But the work in MY backyard isn’t done … yet. So if I am lucky to get to use my backyard for a few minutes at sunset, I get to do a bit of this …


The yard is getting closer to completion … shade is coming and may be done by the end of day today.


The occasional geyser gives the backyard a bubbly, overflowing kind of feeling.


But the big news this week is the installation of the putting green!!!


As you can see, we were having big-time fun yesterday … but the backyard is getting done slower than expected. We’re shooting “over par” on the completion date,

We might be 10 days away from completion.

Without a fully functioning backyard, I was left with nothing better to do than take a trip to the vet for shots. My reaction says it all, #amirite?


I’m looking forward to the day … not too far off on the horizon … when I get to shoot under par rounds on my golf course. Until then?