Ejected From The Building

Hello. It’s me.


That’s me … shrouded in terror.

The weather is crazy … cold (60), and showers were developing to the north.


The pictured shower belched out a downdraft that blew through our new backyard, where the screen door was open. Carnage ensued.


The wind blew through the house and up to the front door, where I was sitting.

The front door closed … quite violently if I may be so bold.


I was sitting in front of the screen door, behind the front door … so when the front door closed violently, the force of the air opened the screen door and ejected me from the building.

Mom and Dad heard the boom and then heard me scream.

When they caught up to me, I was a full city block away, about to cross a thoroughfare, leaving a trail of potty behind me. Mom heard me scream again when the postal worker tried to pick me up … fortunately, Mom yelled at me to wait, and I finally stopped running and waited.

Here’s the view from the scene of the recovery.


Mom held me for about a half-hour while I shivered myself into a calm state (if I were wearing a fitbit, you’d see that my pulse was literally racing). After Mom proclaimed that I “smelled like urine”, Dad soaped me up good and now I rest next to Dad, nursing deep tissue injuries.


I just want to relax in my new back yard … no more downdrafts. And I really need a thorough soak in the spa now.



P.S.  Congrats go to Frank’s Mom, who was four days off in determining the day we could use our back yard (February 20 was the official day). Dad came in second place, missing by 5 days. Mom says we missed by more than two months, but who is counting? I’m too frightened to count, to be honest, after being ejected from the building.

7 thoughts on “Ejected From The Building

  1. Oh, Dashie… these things should NEVER happen to a dog. But consider this… I’m sure your mom (and dad too) were as frightened by your screaming departure as you were by the ejection. Let’s hope next time the sky looks like that, they’ll close the door. (Bet they will!) See you soon, and in the meantime skritches and hugs.


  2. Wow Dash!!! Spooky!!! Glad you have recovered from your experience. You new backyard looks devine! Potty field yet?
    We have about 5 inches of beautiful snow. It is going to melt soon. We also have high winds now–from the north–brrr. I have been home all day for two days–just sewing away and working on taxes and reading good books. Stay warm and I hope your nasty weather leaves soon. Auntie Janet


  3. Oh dear! That really was a down draft! Stay safe Mr. Dash. Your new back yard looks like an oasis…something those of us in North can only dream of right now! Rest, relax and enjoy it!


  4. Woo hoo! I won the bet! Frank can get a bag of cookies with my winnings. Ha! Will c about visiting Monday still not 100% but frank desperately needs to get out of the house. Xoxo


  5. Oh Dash…..was there a mean lady on a bike, and a house spinning in the clouds? I guess that might be more of an up draft! Glad you are safe now….Beautiful back yard!


  6. Yo Toto, er, Dash,

    Whew! That was a close one. Presumably the Postal worker didn’t happen to look like Miss Gulch.

    Do you have any recollection of being near an Emerald City whilst being pummeled?

    Anyway, always be on the lookout for those rouge chupacabra downdrafts. Oh my!


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