Over Par

Hello! It’s me!


This is what I’d like to be doing.


But the work in MY backyard isn’t done … yet. So if I am lucky to get to use my backyard for a few minutes at sunset, I get to do a bit of this …


The yard is getting closer to completion … shade is coming and may be done by the end of day today.


The occasional geyser gives the backyard a bubbly, overflowing kind of feeling.


But the big news this week is the installation of the putting green!!!


As you can see, we were having big-time fun yesterday … but the backyard is getting done slower than expected. We’re shooting “over par” on the completion date,

We might be 10 days away from completion.

Without a fully functioning backyard, I was left with nothing better to do than take a trip to the vet for shots. My reaction says it all, #amirite?


I’m looking forward to the day … not too far off on the horizon … when I get to shoot under par rounds on my golf course. Until then?


6 thoughts on “Over Par

  1. Dear Dash, Wait a minute!!!! Putting Green but no Potty Field??????????? Something is very wrong here—unless the Putting Green is Dual Purpose ( I can’t imagine). Glad the trees were put in. 10 days more huh? The yard looks good so far. I imagine there will be a BIG celebration when it is finished–I think they are called Fiestas in Arizona.
    Stay cool, Auntie Janet


  2. Hi Darling Dash,
    You are looking so handsome! AZ climate must agree with you. So glad that you supervise the construction project. It’s looking so good! Keep us posted 😘💕❤️


  3. It will look so blissful when it is done! An oasis in the dry desert! Vet trips are a good thing to Dash..though we all hate seeing our doctors I think. Wishing you all lots of sunny breezes and time to relax and enjoy ..m


  4. 10 days is practically nothing, not even in a dog’s life. Thanks for the progress report/photos… great to visit, even if just vicariously. Hugs and skritches to you, darlin’ Dash!


  5. Yo Dash,

    Wow! The Hillstrom Oasis is close to reality. It’s gonna be pretty dull around there when all the work is done. No contractors to bark out instructions to and generally snoopervise.
    So is par on your Green a 3? We see there are 3 flags fluttering , jus’ sayin’.
    How great is it to have your own “Agua Eruptus” nearby too. There goes the water bill 😦

    Happy putting!


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