End of an ERA

Hello … it’s me!!


Something funny was going on, pups. I was spending a lot of time at home. Worse, when Mom & Dad were home, they were constantly messing around with our RV. Why would they be unloading stuff all of the time, even when it was close to 100 degrees out?

It was almost like they were getting rid of the RV, #amirite? I held vigil while they kept hauling stuff out to the garage.


Mom and Dad tried to distract me … having me spend time with friends while they kept behaving mysteriously.


Yesterday, Dad shows me a picture.

I wonder … why is our ERA parked at an RV lot next to that brand new Winnebago Fuse?


Then Dad shows me a picture of our RV parking spot … and there is that Winnebago Fuse again, but it has the carrier that was on the Era. Hmmmmm.


All I’m asking is for temperatures that aren’t 100 degrees, so I can spend a little time in what may well be a new rig that I’ll be taking to the Midwest in three weeks. I hear it is supposed to be in the mid-70s this coming week. Maybe … just maybe … Mom and Dad will let me see if the rumors are true. Is this the end of an Era? And if it truly is, what do my accommodations look like? Did Mom & Dad truly think of me, of ME, when making such a life-altering decision?


5 thoughts on “End of an ERA

  1. Yo Dash,

    Glad to see that you’re joining the fine FORD family. We hope you’ll enjoy yours as much as we like our new Explorer (eight thousand miles already). Looking forward to seeing the new rig late May/early June as you motor on into the great Mid-West.

    Miles ‘O’ Smiles


  2. Amazing–but then–you gotta move on if the original vehicle isn’t reliable. You don’t want to spend the majority of your travel time worrying about the vehicle. Simple is better. You will get used to it. It is undoubtably very comfortable.
    100 degrees!!!! Yikes!!! too hot for me. It got up to 79 degrees here this last week. Perfect.
    Have a great trip. I bet mom has some handwork to take with her. Auntie Janet


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