A Blessed Chill Is In The Air

Hello. It’s me!!


That’s what a hundred degrees looks like.


But then, something glorious happened … the jet stream changed, and suddenly it was only in the mid-80s.


Suddenly I was as nimble as a chupacabra!


When it cools down, it’s time to assess threats, #amirite?


And then it got even weirder …


This is great stuff!!


It’s Tuesday in May and it is in the low 70s. WOW!

Dad says Sunday it is s’posed to be 104 degrees.

I told Dad that we have to get the heck out of Dodge ASAP if it is going to be 104 on Sunday.


The extended forecast calls for much-above normal temperatures in May, June, and July. I’m hoping for much-above normal travel if that is the case!!

3 thoughts on “A Blessed Chill Is In The Air

  1. 104 degrees???? I like the weather here–thank you—61 today–clear–I saw some people wearing shorts ( hope springs eternal). Maybe mom will take a video of the inside of the new rig and let all of us drool. I just have a little pop-up trailer. We leave June 16 for Idaho– Wyoming and Montana. six weeks. Maybe we will see you. Hope you keep in touch. Watch out for chupacabra!!!! Auntie Janet


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