3 thoughts on “You Could Boil Water On My Tongue

  1. When you get old, Dash, like I am, you will see for yourself that the small print gets more and more difficult to read. Also, sometimes you may find that technology escapes you, and you won’t know how to enlarge the stuff on the monitor. But, hey, I understand you’ve got more important things on your mind (er, tongue) right now.


  2. Yo Dash,

    BWOMT (Boil Water On My Tongue) Eh? One Hundred and Five degrees, Eh?
    Whadda ya gonna do when Spring ends and Summer begins?
    Better head up Nort soonest on your Midwest adventure.

    Safe (Cooler) travels,


  3. Yikes!!!! Glad I live where I do. We have a balmy 62 here today–going to get up to 77 by Monday. That is my kind of weather. Maybe you should leave on your trip early or just live in your swimming pool. Auntie Janet


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