The Vetting Process

Hello … it’s MEEEEEEE!


So I’m busy … catchin’ a handful of z’s before I head out on a long RV trip on Saturday.


Next thing you know I hear visitors outside. Well lemme tell ya, I’m on the case, #amirite?


When we get visitors, the most important thing you can do is institute what I affectionately call a “vetting process”.

The first step is to assess if there are any threats?



Then you check out the vehicle … is the vehicle safe?


With Dad suffering from a “groin injury” (click here and head to the 37 second mark of the video), the job of defending the homefront falls upon me. And if I may be so bold, I’ve yet to allow a threat to compromise our property. That includes the caterpillar I inserted between my molars last night.


6 thoughts on “The Vetting Process

    • Hmmm….yummy caterpillars are right up there with groin injuries…laughed out loud. Thanks. May your road trip be smooooth and Tori’s birthday be merry. Hugs,


  1. Yo Dash, Caterpillar eh, good job ! All protein don’t ja know. Tell your Dad he should wear protective gear when he’s playing “Pickleball”. That way he won’t be speaking in a “falsetto” voice as an after effect 🙂 Happy trails to you as you wend your way to more temperate climes for the Summer.



  2. Thanks goodness that mom and dad have you to keep danger away–always vigilant–good dog!!!
    Good luck on your trip. We leave June 16. Maybe we will meet up. Auntie Janet


  3. Good job, Dash! And now, with miles and miles still to go, you have your chance to relax, er rest, er sleep and sleep and sleep…. Lookin’ forward to seeing you in MN in just a few weeks 🙂


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