Tourist (Threat) Season Is Upon Us

Hello. It’s me!


They’re crawling out of the woodwork … tourists, or as I call them … “Threats”. We have for categories for threats.

  • Real.
  • Perceived.
  • Rusted Metal.
  • Chupacabra.

Tourists are real, and therefore they are classified as “Real” threats.

I like to set up my post at the confluence of local streets that connect to a major arterial. It’s not like I have a choice, this is where I live after all and this is the only place Dad will allow me to monitor threats without the restrictive limitations of a leash.


Wait … is something there?? Chupacabra? Airborne rusted metals?


It’s important to monitor all possible directions … to the north …


… to the East where the wide open and largely unprotected arterial exists …


… and to the South, where just about anything can suddenly appear from behind the house.


On a glorious Winter morning, I didn’t identify a single threat. That doesn’t mean that the threats weren’t out there … it just means I didn’t identify any. Was I frustrated? Absolutely. Pixelated? Sure!


But the day is coming, oh yes, mark my words, the day is coming when a tourist (threat) presents real issues … and when that happens, I’ll be on the job, first to alert my peeps of the potential for danger.

3 thoughts on “Tourist (Threat) Season Is Upon Us

  1. HA!!!!! You just thought you would get away from tourists by moving off the Island. Doesn’t look very touristy to me–but then–I am used to thousands pouring off the ferry at one time. Keep vigilant brave dog–mom and dad need protecting. Auntie Janet


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