Those Vehicles Are Everywhere!

Hello!! It’s me.


These are odd times … temperatures around 65-72 every day. Mom and Dad like to spend time in their spa. I’m left to spend time watching them.


Sometimes you just want to do something … anything. So when Mom asked me to go to a quilt show with her, I’m like, “I’m in!!”

Mom was busy quilting, so Dad and I decided to survey the grounds … check out the pups, if you catch my drift.


And then, just then, I see one of “those vehicles”.


Those vehicles contain one of two things …

  1. Packages for Mom.
  2. Treats for Me!!

If “Treats for Me” is an option, one must pursue the dream, #amirite?

I asked Dad … can I pursue the dream?



The answer?



Unfortunately, the building entrance closed just after the FedEx delivery employee entered the building. This seems to happen a lot to me.


So I waited … and waited … and then, just when I was about to give up on the dream, he reappeared.


… but alas … no treat.


So I’ll wait until next time … eventually the right employee will exit the truck with the right treat … for me! After all, those vehicles are everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Those Vehicles Are Everywhere!

  1. Wow Dash–you look elegantly handsome. Glad you have warm weather. It is 21 degrees and high winds here–Arctic Express. Your treats will come–but they may be things like celery and carrots–just so you can keep your sveldt figure. Say “Hi” to mom and dad for me, Auntie Janet


  2. Hey, Dash. Hang in there, I’m sure the treats will come. Too bad you left the lovely PNW. We have about 3 inches of snow that you could be tunneling and playing in. It’s a balmy 20 degrees so it’s nice and powdery and your sisters are having a blast. Smoochies from Autumn and Amelia.


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