Speaking Of Non-Threats

Hello! It’s me again!


That’s what happened after somebody yelled outside and neighborhood dogs started barking … I decided to MONITOR the situation.

Meanwhile, my full-on sister (Autumn … cream-colored litter mate on the left) and Amelia (half-sister) recently earned honors at the International Show. I’m eating carrots and peas like some kind of fool and they’re garnering real recognition.


2 thoughts on “Speaking Of Non-Threats

  1. Dear Dashie, You are not suffering at all from the vanities of the Daschunds. In fact, you are doing your due diligence for your parents and protecting them, standing guard for them, doing your job so well unlike some of our folks allegedly running the government. So, don’t you worry your handsome self about this whole beauty queen thing because YOU ARE THE TOP DOG!!!!! (tee hee)

    see you soon,
    Auntie Laura


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