Take Your Mind Off Of The Chaos

Hello! It’s me!


Are you tired of people shooting up concert goers with military-grade weapons? Hurricanes? Family strife on “This is Us?” I know I am.

So I’ve taken a little time over the past few weeks to relax, to stop and smell the roses as the pundits say, #amirite?

A few weeks ago, we headed up to Flagstaff to spend a weekend camping with two of my dear friends. We enjoyed some SiriusXM radio on the way up #GeorgyPorgy.


We drove a few miles along historic Route 66.


They have all sorts of stops for the hungry pup.


Mmmmmmm … Fritos.

It was a freezing cold weekend … it got down to 29 degrees on Saturday night. Temperatures like that require a classic combination … libations and artificial propane-infused fire.


I spent a little bit of time digging around for crunchables (visit the website if you cannot see the video via email).

Mmmmmm …. crunchables!


Mom made Dad a spectacular pillow case to celebrate one of his favorite movie characters.


All in all it was big-time fun! Sometimes you have to get away from the chaos of our planet. Catalonia wants to be independent of Spain? Sure. But in my world I don’t want to be independent of anybody. I want to hang out … and on this weekend, I didn’t spend time evaluating threats #rustedmetals but instead I was part of something bigger … I belonged to something.


I’m a firm believer that the doxie can unify all of us in ways that partisan and judgmental political pundits could never possibly accomplish. Want proof? Take a close look at the ad board from this soccer match.


Yup, that’s a doxie, and s/he runs across the ad board while booping a soccer ball of of his/her nose. We’re bringing people together … 55,000 at a time!

Speaking of being together, my birth Mom (#notmycurrentmom) is about to give birth to four half-brothers / half-sisters. Look at how those little muffins are stuffed in there!


There’s a lot to be happy about. Take your mind off of the chaos and go experience life! That’s what I do.

Sunny Sun Sun!

Hello! It’s me.


Oh, I know, the coal people aren’t going to be happy with me. But with the amount of Vitamin D we have pouring down from the sky, it would be foolhardy to squander it on nothing more than downstream skin cancer issues, #amirite?

So I told Mom and Dad to put up solar panels, ASAP. Dad said it would cost a lot of cheddar. I told Dad I’d be willing to forego one chewie a week. Next thing you know, we have solar panels.


Extra credit if you can find me in the picture.

Moments later, I had to chase this little critter out of the back yard – because bunnies attract the dreaded Chupacabra and nobody wants a dreaded Chupacabra in their back yard.


I told Dad that something has to be done about the back yard. Dad says we’ll break ground on a Casita, Pool, and Putting Green in less than two weeks … he asked me if that was an acceptable solution. Heck ya!

Just think what else I could manipulate my Dad into if I really wanted to?

And Then, It Ended

Hello, it’s me!


We moved down here full-time on June 25. That day, we filled up the gas tank in Lake Havasu, where it was 122 degrees outside … in the shade. Few noticed, but my eyes boiled steam that day.

And they’ve boiled steam ever since.

This is particularly problematic when I need to tinkle … or worse.


I look outside and think to myself, “God, I don’t want to tinkle out there.” I’ll ask Dad to provide an alternative solution.


He’ll look at me and say “do you want to go outside?” And I’ll give him a look of terror that mirrors this …


But Dad will try to pick me up … I can’t go for that … no can do …


Yup, he can’t get under the table … see, I’m downright nimble, #amirite?

And if he tries to coax me out from under the table, I’ll find other places to hide.


Unfortunately, Dad will get me, somehow … and when he takes me outside, I’ll jump on the first neighborhood golf car and attempt my own getaway to cooler locales. But it is hard to reach the steering wheel. You’d think engineers could design these things better.


There are even times when I’ll eat a whole pint of frozen custard in an effort to cool down after going out and doing my duties.


But then something happened … yesterday … the storm clouds passed.


And as the sun set, one could perceive that change was in the air.


This morning I awoke to significantly cooler conditions. It’s not even 90 degrees out and it’s almost noon!


Yes – fall is in the air!!

And I decided to spend a good portion of the morning outside, enjoying the comparatively refreshing conditions.


I thought it might be nice if Dad worked outside while I relaxed, but no, he’s looking to drop another 7 or 8 degrees before he’ll join me outside to work.


And so I asked Dad to come back in …


I spent nearly three months in a boiling cauldron of an environ … and then, all at once, it ended … overnight. Hello There Fall, my dear friend! Take Care Summer, see you on the other side in eight months.



Hello! It’s me.


Yup, it’s a hot one … day after day after day.


I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it being 111 degrees at 2:41 in the afternoon, #amirite? You just boil a little bit … and the plus side of the equation means that you get to go on a lot of golf cart rides.



I like to monitor the situation when we go on golf cart rides. In this image, I’m in “stealth mode”.


Did you see what was lurking in the ravine?


That coyote is really a crazy clown!

I do spent a lot of time hanging out by the front door these days, tearing up towels … waiting for my friend next door (Ligen – a 10 year old Westie) to return. I saw her walk by today, so tomorrow could be a fun day for a #meetup! I’ll be monitoring the situation, k?



Hello! It’s me.


You want to see something cute, #amirite?

Here … round out your work week with a closeup of my eye lashes!


I know, totes adorbs.

I asked Dad to take another picture of me, but my eyeballs had rotated 90 degrees and my retina was pointing straight into my cranium and Dad thought that looked creepy, so we’ll spare you of that one, K?

A Tip of the Hat

Hello – it’s me!!


That’s me looking to my right … amazed at what is about to happen.

You see, Dad’s been preachin’ about the importance of protecting his head from the damaging rays of El Sol … the sun. He keeps telling me that his once-thick-and-utterly-lush head of hair devolved into a sparse wasteland of stubble occasionally freshened by a lathering of Pert Shampoo. Dad tells me that to protect what is left (#notmuch) he needs to wear a hat.

Then you see him with a hat, and you say to yourself “well, hey, what would happen if my particularly soft head of fur vacated my portly frame?”

In other words, I began to ask for a hat.

My friend Amy came to the rescue … along with treats and toys she brought me a coveted hat. At first, I was stunned by the gesture.


Then I turned to show my appreciation to my dear friend … Amy.


I know, I’m a sharp-dressed man, #amirite?

These are divisive times … Nazi’s are running unfettered through the streets of college towns, Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM has too narrow a playlist, and the Chicago Bears still aren’t a very good football team. Amid all the gloom-and-doom, happiness is out there, waiting to be discovered … in the form of a hat.

So, a tip of the hat to my friend Amy, for making the world a better place.