Social Distancing

Hello. It’s me.


All. By. Myself. Don’t wanna be. All. By. Myself.

I don’t get it. This used to be a vibrant community. But lately there’s nobody to be seen.


Mom and Dad are home all the time. I like that, but what I also like is people who want to spend time with me. People love me, #amirite?

So here I sit.


In these times, we have to be neighborly to each other. We can’t discriminate against our neighbors.


Dad says we need to employ “Social Distancing”. We need to not see people, maybe for months. I think the world loses out when the world doesn’t get to see me growl at the big poodle that waltzes by every day.

Stay safe … you’ll be able to pet me again around July 4.

6 thoughts on “Social Distancing

  1. Well, yes, it’s like that here too, and you wouldn’t believe the empty ferry… (Check out my FB page for some pictures of that.) But here’s the rub… The grocery stores are depleted here and not getting shipments. No dogfood to be had. I hope your mom and dad have a good supply of your chow stashed away. OK, I shouldn’t be so grim… I’m quilting up a storm, and a little dieting will be a good thing! Cheers to you and yours from your former homeland!


  2. Poor Dashie! Things are pretty grim around here. Some tourists are continuing to come–I don’t know why–our restaurants are closed except for take-out. Maybe they like to eat in their hotel room. I am sewing, reading, gardening. My new hip is pretty well healed after 7 weeks. I am not running any marathons yet.
    Stay well and say “hello” to mom and dad. Auntie Janet


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