Hello. It’s me!


There are five key periods in any summer day. Today is no exception … with a high temperature of 115 degrees, indoor events and routine are a must.

Here we go.

Period #1 = Morning Muncher. Mom gets home from Pickleball, she showers, and then it is her duty to sit with me and cuddle for an hour or two until we get to lunch.

Period #2 = Post-Lunch Cuddle. This cuddle is all about a change of scenery. I hang out with Dad on the couch, sleeping next to him. My legs adhere to his thigh, allowing me to sense his every possible movement (of which none are permissible).


Period #3 = COOKIE TRUCK! This happens late in the afternoon, typically daily, when Andy delivers a case of wine to the home.


Period #4 = Pre-Dinner Cuddle:  This one is with Mom in her office. We execute the cuddle in anticipation of a full evening of … wait for it … wait for it … cuddling!!

Period #5 = Evening Cuddle!  Following dinner, Mom and Dad will watch quarantine-approved programming, while I cuddle and await the end of the day.


Until summer relents … and that’s a good 10-11 weeks away … this the life I’ve prescribed for Mom/Dad. It’s not like I can be out walking around when the pavement temperature reading is north of a hundred and forty degrees, so a routine filled with cuddles is, in my opinion, both necessary and pleasant, #amirite?

4 thoughts on “Cuddles

  1. Wow!!! 115 degrees—It is sunny but NOT that hot here. It will be in the high 70’s and low 80’s this week–just right. I understand your latest heatwave will last one to two weeks. Too bad you can’t go somewhere cooler this summer. But–how lucky you are to get so many cuddles. Auntie Janet


  2. Wish I could help out with the cuddles and wine. Fine way to spend time in lock down. Keep on keepin’ on. Hugs from the Great Northwest, and keep your cool on. auntie Laura


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