She’s My Girlfriend … And I Love Her …

Hello! It’s me.


See that tongue sticking out? It’s HOT down here. Was in the 90s yesterday. It’s like the dog days of summer, I’m tellin’ ya.

It was a big weekend, friends, I kid you not. For instance, I found a new piece of furniture.IMG_0931 I didn’t take it home, however … it doesn’t recline.

It’s hard to tolerate the heat … well, let me take that back. If you take a lot of naps on a concrete slab covered in dead desert brush, you can easily stomach the heat.


But the big news of the weekend was the all-important Doxie show in Scottsdale. A couple of things happened … first of all, I met my cousin, named Squeak!

I loved Squeak. He possesses experiences I can only hope to acquire. And his Mom, the very sister of my Mom, well, she was so nice. What a great experience! #family

The Doxie event featured twenty or more pups from across the greater Scottsdale area. Get this … they played a game of musical place mats at the event … I finished in 9th place out of ten (I know, I know, that’s pretty good), earning a coveted participation ribbon.



But the biggest surprise of the event was the friend I made .. a “girl” friend named Ann. Like me, she’s just five months old … and like me, she’s highly attractive.


I asked Ann if I could buy her a drink … of tepid city water … she declined my advance, but as we know, it’s all part of the dance of love.



My love for Ann runs deep … but alas, our relationship was not meant to be. I am from Washington, she is from Arizona.

So I moved on, heart broken of course. I drank from the bowl of unfulfilled love, meeting other Doxies in the process.



I’m with you on that one … what the heck is going on there?

The crowd eventually dispersed.


We went home and enjoyed a salmon cook-off.


While eating salmon, my Mom mentioned to the gathered throng of omega three lovers that there were two judges at the Doxie event. Both asked Mom & Dad to not “get me fixed” for a year, because both felt that I was “show worthy”. I heard my Dad describe what it meant to “get fixed” and thought to myself, “that doesn’t sound like something I want to experience”. So while visiting another set of friends last night, I snuck away for some quiet contemplation … I don’t want to “get fixed”, whatever that means.


(By the way, at the residence pictured above, I touched noses with a cat … a CAT for crying out loud!!)

But my thoughts were quickly nullified when I found a patch of artificial turf to roll on (visit the website if you cannot see the video below in your email newsletter).

Anyway, that’s been the roller-coaster ride I’ve enjoyed over the past few days. It’s supposed to be 95 degrees today. Mom says we’re spending some quality time indoors. I’d rather be poolside, to be honest. Poolside with Ann.



6 thoughts on “She’s My Girlfriend … And I Love Her …

  1. Ah Dash! You’re first love! How sweet! Hearing about the heat made me happy, well almost happy, for the grey days here…it’s in the high 50’s. Enjoy the journey and tell your mom that we all miss her!


  2. Love your posts and Dash is adorable…..Wish I had tried this “blog” site on my way from Florida to San Juan Island for friends to keep track of my experiences on the road…..Next time. Thanks for doing the “Dash Blog”…….


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