A Time For Vortex-Based Improvement of Key Chakras

Hello! It’s me.


That’s about how I feel these days. T-I-R-E-D!

It’s a non-stop romp-a-thon through Central Arizona.


I know, look at me. It’s like I am aging right in front of your very own eyes, don’t you think? I mean, there was a time when I looked like this.


Now my lower frame is filthy from the dusty environs I navigate on a daily basis.


My Mom was pre-occupied today in Sedona … she was playing a game of Flat Stanley, except it wasn’t about Stanley, it was about friends who could not join us.


Hopefully Kanye and Kim will be able to be with us next time.

Sedona is one of those five paw places … full of vortices that promise chakra-enhancing opportunities. I took full advantage, hoping to find peace through improvement of my Sahasrara chakra.


Or maybe it was the minor chakra Talatala, who am I to say?

Regardless, the strategy worked. I was at the peak of my game in Downtown Sedona.


Interesting side note regarding the image I just shared with you … we were standing out side of a Visitors Center when an interesting conversation took place.

WOMAN: Did you know that you can bring a dog inside the building?

DAD (Channeling his inner Sheldon Cooper): No, you cannot. The sign says you cannot bring a dog inside the building.

WOMAN (pointing inside): There is a dog inside the building.

DAD: I know, some woman decided to unilaterally ignore the wishes of the shop owner.

The woman goes back inside the building. She picks up the dog, and brings the dog outside. The dog belongs to the woman in the conversation. I immediately engage with the dog while Dad cowers in fear.

Moments later, I was right in my wheelhouse … sharing time with a veritable plethora of tots.


Mom and Dad and a friend went to a Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training baseball game yesterday. The “Hot Dog” won the sausage race … another victory for canines of all shapes and sizes. #sorrychorizo


As you can see, it’s a lotta fun out here in the desert. Temps are around 90, and the evenings are cool enough to get some quality z’s.


And, of course, when standing on a vortex in Sedona, there is an opportunity for quiet contemplation … a time to examine the first nine days of our trip. All in all, it’s pretty good.


Tomorrow, I hear we’re going to check out some “botanical” opportunities. What a great time to be alive and in a desert.

5 thoughts on “A Time For Vortex-Based Improvement of Key Chakras

  1. Curious if you plan to take Mom and Dad to Jerome? There’s a BAD bead/yarn shop with the prettiest display arrangement of products ever, plus it too is a Chakra-enhancing little town, all around! We missed your mom today at beading. Sally came with a beady friend from Bellingham, and all of us were beading, except Lunnette, who was hand-quilting.


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