Summer Shandy

Hello! It’s me.


It was an intoxicating day, pups!

We drove to Chippewa Falls, home of Leinenkugels! And moments later, we stopped at the Leinie Lodge.

Mom asked me to take a seat. I was utterly confused.


I mean, what am I waiting for? I’m at a brewery and I’m 2.65 years old. I can’t drink another 18+ years. But she says “WAIT”.


Dash:  Can I get down?

Mom:  No.


Dash: Can I get down now?

Mom: No.




There’s a strategy that is guaranteed to work, pups … and that strategy is PERSISTENCE. Just keep yapping, keep asking, and you’ll get your way, #amirite?

Mom walked me to the front door of the facility.


Then she showed me what we were waiting for …


Dog Treats and Dog Water!!

Lemme tell you, I satiated every desire I’ve ever had.


From that moment forward, my singular purpose for being on the planet was to belly-up to the doggie bar.


Mom and Dad hijacked the remainder of the day by going to yet another Supper Club.


That last image is one heck of a cheese-infused spud, if I may be so bold.

My thoughts went back to the greatest stop I’ve ever experienced in an RV.


Yes, even Rusted Metals couldn’t deter my interest in getting back.

When we arrived at the campground, I tried hard to get back to the brewery.


I even side-stepped obvious opportunities to fill my belly.


Alas, I was unable to get back to the doggie bar. I submitted to the needs of my body.


We leave Wisconsin shortly … we leave with many fond memories … of family … of friends … and of the doggie bar at Leinie’s Lodge.


It’s Hard To Find A New Threat, But Leave It To Me To Potentially Identify A New One!

Hello. It’s me!


There’s been a lot of sittin’ in the rig the past few days. At least today I got my paws on the ground a few times, and lemme tell ya, I may have stumbled across a NEW THREAT. Now, we’re going to have to give this some rigorous thought, because you don’t just add a threat to the four pillars of threats you already know and love …

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metals.
  4. Chupacabra.

Remember, a threat could be REAL, and if it is, then it isn’t necessarily a new threat. A threat could be PERCEIVED, and if it is, then it isn’t a threat at all, now is it? And don’t even get me started on CHUPACABRA.

We launch our trip today amid cloudy, foggy skies. Dad set the tone early, with a musical accompaniment courtesy of the Bee Gees.


We stopped for gas … and of course I spied a threat … RUSTED METAL.


So let’s just say I was on edge, assessing threats all day.

Cloudy skies turned to rainy skies. It’s June 12, but it is still cool in the Northlands. Fortunately, Wisconsin welcomed us back with open arms.


Halfway to our destination, we stopped so Mom could earn a well-deserved stamp courtesy of our Federal Government. I held down the fort … again … threats, #amirite?


Then things got interesting.

We decided to visit a friend from Seattle. He bought a resort and is refurbishing everything … just in time for guests this weekend.


I’m thinking to myself “I’d stay here!”.

But then, we took a walk. And during this walk, I started to sense that things were strange. I decided to sink my teeth into the topic.


We investigated a boat landing.


And while investigating said boat landing, I walked out on to the pier … that’s where I noticed what may well be a newly classified threat.


Yup … that mustard-like mixture floating in a fresh lake is POLLEN.

I know, I know, you can make a solid case that POLLEN is a REAL threat. And you can make a pretty solid case that POLLEN is a PERCEIVED threat. I guess I’m asking you to weigh in on the subject … leave a comment … should POLLEN be …

  1. A Real Threat, and therefore is not classified.
  2. A Perceived Threat, and therefore is not classified.
  3. A New Threat, not altogether different from a Chupacabra or Rusted Metals.

Dad should have taken a video of me as I engaged with the pollen … I kinda looked like I was doing the Cha-Cha while assessing the threat.

From there the day devolved into an orgy of caloric consumption that might only be eclipsed by Joey Chestnut. Mom and Dad (who both skipped lunch in order to enjoy the meal) visited McGregor’s Blink Bonnie (for your homework assignment, please visit my entry from late May 2016 and you’ll see we’ve been here before).

A sampling of the gluttony …

Praise be to #Jesus for enabling Dad to curb his consumption at 4,194 calories … allowing me to sup on five tiny pieces of Ribeye!

We set up camp for the evening in Woodruff … tomorrow we move on toward Eau Claire.


Did you notice the pup hiding under “Montana”? I think the pup was afraid of POLLEN.

Again, weigh in via the comments section … how should POLLEN be viewed (and no Jive Talkin’ here, be honest)?

  1. A Real Threat.
  2. A Perceived Threat.
  3. A New Threat.

More Food, Less Time With Me

Hello, it’s me!


The day started out so full of promise:

  1. An asphalt plant was just a quarter-mile from our rig and the smell of tar permeated the rig, complementing our morning.

Then we drive north, toward the tip of Door County. Somebody appears to have built the road to accommodate a mailbox. #hownice


We drive past Gills Rock and on to Northport, the far north tip of Door County. Mom considered taking the ferry up to Washington Island. I played with a new friend and surveyed the area – assessing threats.


I tell Mom “ALL CLEAR” … but Mom says the trip would eat up the day and we’re running out of days so we turn around and head back down the island.

And that’s where the fun ended.

Mom and Dad decide to eat lunch, which is great except just how many calories are they planning on ingesting on this trip while I’m stuck in the rig?



Apparently this place in Sister Bay served classic Swedish food with a Door County twist. Mom enjoyed an elaborate grilled cheese sandwich off of the meny (aka menu).


Dad inhaled a Swedish Meatball sandwich.


Both Mom and Dad enjoyed the ambiance.


Mom and Dad eventually returned to the rig – a place where I had been stranded in 70 degree comfort for two hours. I looked for schnibbles but all I found were books Mom bought in the adjacent gift store.


And then Mom and Dad elected to partake in unsettling activities.

  1. Paying a bill.
  2. Touring a gift shop or two.


Grandma Tommy?


When they finally got serious about enjoying the day they decided to drive for three hours on lousy Wisconsin roads.



We drove around the north side of Green Bay and pointed our compass toward Iron Mountain.


We crossed the Menominee River and entered Michigan, our 9th state on this trip.


Careful not to pass, we drove to … wait for it … wait for it … a supper club.


I looked on in horror as Dad waddled inside for more food.


Mom and Dad enjoyed the surroundings … including Packers Super Bowl Trophies. I didn’t realize that’s where they were stored, who knew?


They sat at the bar, ordered drinks, and placed their order.


After ordering dinner, they were assigned to Table #9 where salads were offered as a pre-cursor to the featured meal.


Yes – there was a dimmer at the table … allowing a user-configured lighting experience., something marketers call #personalization.

And then the featured meal arrived, or so I am told because I was sitting in the RV.


I know, I know, you are baffled by what you are seeing.

  1. Mom = Steak Oscar with Twice-Baked Spuds.
  2. Dad = Broasted 1/2 Chicken and Gnocchi with White Sauce.

There are only a handful of broasters left in the world … 72% of them are in Wisconsin (go fact check it, I dare you), and the broaster leaves the chicken boiling hot on the inside and bursting with juice. I can’t speak for the Gnocchi. Dad believes it is the best way to cook a bird, and I for one am not going to die on this hill arguing the fact.

For once in his life, Dad thought of somebody other than himself. He brought me schnibbles of broasted chicken, sans skin. #hearthealthy

I supped like a King.


For a brief moment, I felt like I was part of the team … part of a club … The Supper Club if you will.

Here’s the 411 … I’m a bit cranky. We parked the rig and set up for the night, where I threw a fit before passing out from consuming a tiny fraction of a broasted bird. I think tomorrow needs to be all about me. You can’t blame me, either. We’re 3,600 miles into this trip and all I do is sit in the rig and hold down the fort. Hopefully Mom and Dad have an adventure planned for tomorrow, or somebody might be on the receiving end of a knuckle sandwich … and not a sandwich served at a Supper Club.







The Cheese Spread Appetizer

Hello. It’s me!


I don’t look so tubby when pursuing a robotic kitten, #amirite?

We spent four days with my favorite two people in the whole wide world … GRANDMAS!!! I spent time chasing ’em down!


And I spent time loyally sitting footside, waiting to do my job (whatever that is).


Today we were back on the road. Dad said she wanted the “Quintessential Lake Michigan Whitefish Experience”.


Now mind you, we’ve had a lot of culinary delights in the past few days. Those of you who enjoy “The Manitowoc Minute” on YouTube are familiar with this one.


We identified many dining opportunities.


But in Door County, the formula shifts. Yes, the classic supper club experience still exists. But as you move from Central Wisconsin (walleye) to Eastern Wisconsin (perch) to Green Bay (booyah … click here) to Western Door County (fish boil), you run the gamut of choices. Then you get to Eastern Door County (eight miles from Western Door County), and you try to find Lake Michigan Whitefish.

That was the bogey we identified.

You won’t find it in or around cloudy, foggy Milwaukee.


So we headed away from Grandma’s looking for Lake Michigan Whitefish.


We followed the signs, because all signs in Northeast Wisconsin point to Lake Michigan Whitefish.


I sensed we were closing in when Mom started calling out options from a supper club website.


We landed in Baileys Harbor, on the east side of Door County. I told Mom that I could find our supper club.


And for only a brief moment, I was distracted by a threat.



But then, just then, when all hope seemed to be lost and Mom was literally dragging her famished frame across the October-like landscape that comprised the past eleven days of alleged summer, our destination appeared on the horizon.


It was the Florian II Supper Club, the pinnacle of the Lake Michigan Whitefish experience. We knew we landed among one of the 73 best restaurants in all of Baileys Harbor when we saw the video game at the front door (and please, all of you Fortnite ambassadors, there’s nothing about your game that tops a robust classic like the one below).


This is where things got interesting.

Before we could get to the table and browse a menu …


… we had to first walk through the bar. And that’s were we were stunned to find The Cheese Spread Appetizer.


I mean, is there anything that signals the Quintessential Lake Michigan Whitefish Experience like three pounds of cheese spread paired with crackers vacuum-sealed in plastic wrap (for your safety and freshness)?

This place, this purveyor of spreadable bliss, also offered an amazing and time-honored beverage.


Smooth AND minty deliciousness! Look at the cherry on top of that beauty!

Mom and Dad ordered drinks.


A family-sized salad with choice of dressing and bread came next.


Yes, that’s french dressing … only the finest salad dressing will do.

And then … the featured event of the meal … the MAIN COURSE … Lake Michigan Whitefish for Dad.


Yes, there’s a bit of Mom’s Prime Rib on his plate … so when Mom and Dad finished gourging their gullets I got to sup on a few random pieces of Prime Rib … no Lake Michigan Whitefish for your favorite pup.

Mom and Dad staggered out of Florian II like tourists who just enjoyed a Spam Plate Lunch in Lihue. After setting up camp, they set up the auxiliary bed just to see how it might suit my mood.


Pups, this is as far east as we are going to go. From here on out we begin to meander west (and by default, we begin our meander back home). Our trip is past half-way. Our total trip calorie consumption is frighteningly past half-way. Thank God Dad took a lean, healthy route at dinner (Lake Michigan Whitefish – ignore the two pads of butter on the butt of the loaf of bread that came with the salad, because dairy and spreadable cheeses don’t count).


A Lot Of Friends And Fun!

Hello. It’s me!!


We’re in the “Seeing People” portion of the trip … a critically important component of any cross-country endeavor. Each day is filled with non-stop activities designed to stimulate my mental capacity, even if it means that Dad occasionally closes the slide and crunches the freezer door in the process, #amirite?

A good cross-country trip encourages the visitation of lakes, both Great and small.


Look at that last image … “No Dogs Allowed In The Park” … there is a civil rights movement coming and on behalf of all pups out there, let me be the first to say that these signs are coming down. Or maybe we cross out the word “NO” and replace it with the word “ALL”. Regardless, pups must be allowed in parks if we want to live in a civil and engaging society.

Last week I climbed a bluff along the Mississippi River, and got to see up and down what Mom affectionately calls the “Big Muddy”.



Did you see what was going on in the image above? Those were vultures … looking to feast upon my barely mobile carcass after scaling a bluff along the Mississippi!


That message was tailor made for Dad.








This portion of the trip was all about friends … and let me tell you … I have friends!!


Apparently that’s some old dude named “Fonzie”.


Those folks admire the Minions.




Come and get some!


There’s nothing better than hangin’ with pups by the fire.


I even got to sit in the RV and wait while a high school graduation took place.


And I got to sit in the RV while competitive baseball took place.


It’s fun to see nephews achieve greatness, isn’t it?

Dad will tell you that sustenance is critical to a great trip, and lemme tell you, Dad has been sustained!


If you are ever just outside of La Crosse (West Salem) … by all means get yourself a dozen peanut cakes and just stuff them down your gullet, ok?


And finally, I assessed threats … mostly rusted metals and mysterious bowls of water of course.


We’ve had our problems … a leaky bedroom window comes to mind.


And we failed to master an Escape Room outside of Milwaukee.


Between friends and activities and sitting in random cars …


… and doing laundry …


… I’m getting wiped out!


For the next five days, we trade friends for family. This is one heck of a trip, lemme tell you! #fun