A Lot Of Friends And Fun!

Hello. It’s me!!


We’re in the “Seeing People” portion of the trip … a critically important component of any cross-country endeavor. Each day is filled with non-stop activities designed to stimulate my mental capacity, even if it means that Dad occasionally closes the slide and crunches the freezer door in the process, #amirite?

A good cross-country trip encourages the visitation of lakes, both Great and small.


Look at that last image … “No Dogs Allowed In The Park” … there is a civil rights movement coming and on behalf of all pups out there, let me be the first to say that these signs are coming down. Or maybe we cross out the word “NO” and replace it with the word “ALL”. Regardless, pups must be allowed in parks if we want to live in a civil and engaging society.

Last week I climbed a bluff along the Mississippi River, and got to see up and down what Mom affectionately calls the “Big Muddy”.



Did you see what was going on in the image above? Those were vultures … looking to feast upon my barely mobile carcass after scaling a bluff along the Mississippi!


That message was tailor made for Dad.








This portion of the trip was all about friends … and let me tell you … I have friends!!


Apparently that’s some old dude named “Fonzie”.


Those folks admire the Minions.




Come and get some!


There’s nothing better than hangin’ with pups by the fire.


I even got to sit in the RV and wait while a high school graduation took place.


And I got to sit in the RV while competitive baseball took place.


It’s fun to see nephews achieve greatness, isn’t it?

Dad will tell you that sustenance is critical to a great trip, and lemme tell you, Dad has been sustained!


If you are ever just outside of La Crosse (West Salem) … by all means get yourself a dozen peanut cakes and just stuff them down your gullet, ok?


And finally, I assessed threats … mostly rusted metals and mysterious bowls of water of course.


We’ve had our problems … a leaky bedroom window comes to mind.


And we failed to master an Escape Room outside of Milwaukee.


Between friends and activities and sitting in random cars …


… and doing laundry …


… I’m getting wiped out!


For the next five days, we trade friends for family. This is one heck of a trip, lemme tell you! #fun



5 thoughts on “A Lot Of Friends And Fun!

  1. What an AMAZING, FUN, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC bunch of photos!!!! THIS is better than ANY of the so called “52 best photos about xyz” that I see on the news feed. WOOOOOOPY! Curious minds want to know what was inside the Rust & Lace place. And even more curious minds want to visit the Effigy Mounds along the banks of Old Muddy. Can’t believe I lived in St. Paul for 28 years and never knew about them. See you in a bit more than a week! Can’t wait!


  2. You guys sure pack a lot into a vacation!!! BUT–this Supper Club Thing—sure wish they had those here. Friday Harbor restaurants leave a lot to be desired.
    As for the anti-dog signs–they must have a lot of dogs around there with no manners. You show them what true dogs are like–civilized–well mannered—elegant. I just visited Margaret Johnson–she was recovering from shoulder surgery–she has two dachsunds–girls–pretty cute–but one of them is a real barker. —They spent their time chasing the cat. Have you found a girlfriend yet?
    Keep cool! Auntie Janet


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