Exceeding Expectations

Hello … it’s me!!


We awake, waiting for a 10:00am call to stage our vehicle for a new air conditioner. The call comes in at 8:45am!

Mom and Dad and I anchored our traditional spot in the Winnebago Customer Service waiting room. I had conversations with a handful of pups. I title this one “Are you installing a partial sine wave inverter or modified sine wave inverter?”


I title this one “Don’t worry, your transmission problem is covered under your extended warranty.”


My expectations of the day were thoroughly exceeded. Want an example? One of those outstanding Winnebago Customer Service employees was caught randomly handing out dog treats!


I know, I know, you’ll say “You don’t need a treat, just look at you!”

Trust me, it would have been rude to turn down such a delicacy, #amirite?

Four hours after turning over our RV, all requisite repairs were completed and we were on the road again at no charge! As Dad said … “this may well be the happiest day of my life, seeing that I’ve never had my expectations exceeded like this before“.


Mom and Dad were desperate for food that didn’t come out of a vending machine, so they supped at the highest rated Mexican Restaurant in all of Forest City.


After lunch, Mom wandered around town, checking out the sights.


I looked for threats … like rusted metals.


Ok … look at this “concept photo” where you see my reflected magnificence smelling out nearby rusted metals in the city square. Anytime you get two of me in a single image you are exceeding expectations!!


But the featured event of the day was yet to come. Here’s a hint!


Yes, Mom and Dad toured the SPAM Museum … the cultural Mecca of Austin, Minnesota, and I got was a lousy SPAM doll that I ripped the stuffing out of.

Soak it in, pups. Soak it in.


Did you know that SPAM is made, in part, with Potato Starch? #themoreyouknow



Did you also know that 90% of all SPAM consumed during World War II was consumed by US and Allied Soldiers? Now THAT’S the taste of freedom!

Dad purchased about sixty dollars worth of accessories and a $2.50 mini-canniser of SPAM. We can only dream about the morning he tries to fry that up in the rig.

Later Mom and Dad drove to La Crosse, WI. We progressed down the “Mississippi Mountains” …


… and largely missed our opportunity to clearly articulate our arrival in Wisconsin.


Mom and Dad decided to sup at a Supper Club called “Digger’s Sting”. Again, soak it in, pups.



And that’s the kind of lighting you can enjoy at high noon or closing time.

Remember, the traditional Wisconsin Supper Club Experience (WSCE) requires a drink at the bar before dinner …


… followed by a meal that costs around $8 and fills three or four plates. By the way, the butter toast was soaked with … wait for it … wait for it … BUTTER! And just in case that wasn’t enough, the establishment offered … wait for it … wait for it … MORE BUTTER!


After toast and a salad (#frenchdressing), dinner arrived.







There are +/- 300 Supper Clubs in Wisconsin. We have ten or fifteen days to explore all of them. If we can pull this off, we’ll be exceeding expectations.

P.S.: Posts will be lean over the next few days as our schedule is thoroughly consumed with visits in Southern Wisconsin.

P.P.P.S.:  A quiz question for you … if you’ve listened to 8 hours of an 11 hour audio book, are you obligated to listen to the final three hours, or can you abandon the book?

6 thoughts on “Exceeding Expectations

  1. Whoo-Hoo….you’re on the road again, as Willy Nelson would say. I had a big chuckle about the SPAM Museum. John tells the tales of when he was stationed (Air Force) in Turkey in the 1950s and Spam was quite the delicacy at the “Turkish roach coach” there, served up in a sandwich with lots of catsup. And he loved it. OMG. The photos of food being eaten at the supper club do not look anything like the photos of food examples that my cardio dietician has recommended. And the BUTTER!! Oh, how was the quilt shop? Find anything interesting there?


  2. Yo Dash,

    Soooo glad that the sine wave converter business is behind y’all. Speaking about “behinds”, better watch those treats or a pups’ stylish appearance might become “Spam-ish”. #easyonthebutter.
    By the way, the temps in Wisconsin will be in the scrumptious Seventies for the upcoming week or so. Enjoy!


  3. Trish Lehman took her two teenage boys ( at the time) on a trip and went to the Spam Museum. She loved it–came home with a cookbook and for the next year she cooked something from it for potlucks. (We started not asking her to potlucks after awhile–too much Spam).
    Your trip seems one culinary adventure after another–you lucky dog! Thanks God for butter–it’s like salt–food is so much better with it ( well–except ice cream).
    Hope mom had fun in the Quilt Shop. Enjoy the relatives and the air-conditioning. Auntie Janet


  4. Glad the rig is all fixed. FYI audio books can be abandoned at any time, especially if you just don’t like it. I listened to one for an hour once – then chucked it. The characters were lack luster and the plot totally lacking in substance.


  5. Not returning to MN until you have to, eh? Well, after the #nextavailableappointmentinAugust reception, I can see why you might want to go directly to WI, without passing MN or collecting any money (which would probably #exceedallexpectations). The toasted bread and butter photo is driving me nutso, as in directly to the kitchen, except I have no bread like that. Have a great time visiting!
    P.S. Your reflected magnificence is mighty fine, indeed!
    P.P.S. Another curious mind wants to know about the Quilted Forest.
    P.P.P.S. The only thing to compare with really good service is a really good air conditioner!


  6. Oh boy. Those darn RV blues, if it’s not this it’s that. So you got THAT (air conditioner) taken care of ALL RIGHT DASH. Now onto the food (always my favorite) don’t worry about too much butter, instead go to the Wilmont (?) Old Stage Stop out of Bristol, WI where they give each patron about 1/4 lb + of butter with their meals; you can always ask for a to go bag. Onto the Spam trail, Doug just opened a can the other day and I keep looking at the tupper of it in the fridge thinking, “No, you already had salami AGAIN last night.” But again about Doug, he must be mind-dwelling you guys from WI because just this morning he asked me to get him some beer and brats at the store. Off I go. One last thing re: the book on tape thing, DASH, don’t listen to anyone you don’t want to; be your sweet, incorrigible self. Oh, saw Fletch and Zindi the other day and they would love to hear from your blog. I was going to send it to them, but must have their wrong email address.


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