Room Service

Hello. It’s me!


We woke up this morning, boiling hot. The air conditioner is most certainly NOT working, #amirite?

So I told Mom and Dad to DO SOMETHING about the problem. No more open windows and fans. It’s 95 degrees and the dew point is around 70 and that’s way worse than 105 in Phoenix and we have air conditioning at home.

Dad spent the morning trying to get an appointment at a local Winnebago dealership near Minneapolis. He was rebuffed … with extreme prejudice. In fact, Dad was told that there were no appointments available until August.


Again, I told Dad to DO SOMETHING.

So we drove south … crossing the Iowa border again.


This time, Dad took my request to DO SOMETHING seriously. He drove us straight to Winnebago Corporate Headquarters in Forest City … to their Customer Service center (aka repair center).


I took off running to the front door … except Dad told me I was going the wrong way. Oops.


Inside, many RV veterans awaited service.


They have a strict “no pups” policy when your rig is being worked on, so I got to sit inside the office building … mingling with fellow owners.


We arrived at 1:45pm. By 2:15pm, a technician was looking at our air conditioner. By 2:30pm, the rig was in the shop. And at 3:30pm as the shop closed, the problem was diagnosed … coolant leakage.

Tomorrow we will get a new air conditioner (sealed units are replaced in their entirety). By tomorrow night, we should be back in business.


As I always tell Dad, don’t waste your time, go straight to the top.

We’re spending the night on the grounds. Many RV owners (maybe a dozen of us) are doing the same thing.


I was talking to a couple of corgis in the waiting area earlier today, and it turns out that their Mom recorded a country song with Dolly Parton and they are staying the night as well.


Turns out even the big stars need their rigs worked-on when on the road.

To me, this is the best example of room service out there. You bring your room right to corporate headquarters, and you get immediate service. Sort of like ordering garlic fries and having them sent to room 606 … except we had to drive our room there. No worries, it’s still the same outcome.

Dad says that (at this time) the experience is so opposite of the typical dealer repair experience that he’s considering driving the rig to Iowa for all subsequent repairs.

The very thought gives me peace. He finally “did something”.


P.S.: If you want to purchase a Winnebago RV, please review the following flyer … I recommend purchasing a unit with a Man-Sized Shower Room.


P.P.S.: My friend Ken continues to observe a groundswell of pups in Scotland. Look at this friendly pal.


P.P.P.S.: West Coast states could go a long way toward improving culinary activities by importing a classic brand. Did you know that this snack is gluten-free? #qualityliveshere


7 thoughts on “Room Service

  1. Finally!!!
    P.S. Good thinking and fast action by your dad!
    P.S.S. Rah, rah Iowa; Boo, hiss Minnesota
    P.S.S.S. I like Pses 🙂


  2. What??!! In Minnie you’d have to wait until August for a repair? Unbelievable. So, you took your Winni to Iowa, headquarters no less, and prompt attention was available. Did the shop in Iowa have anything to say about the “customer service” or should I say the lack of “customer service” that you received in Minnie?


  3. Yo Dash,

    Was there ever any talk about opening the ‘fridge for some cool air for a Pup?

    Tell your Dad that as long as he has the shops’ attention, throw a quick WHITE paint job on the roof for future “coolant” problems.

    Mmmm, Old Dutch snacks. Check out their buttery PUPcorn.


  4. Wow, are you and your Mom & Dad getting the full RVing experience. Scary not to have A/C when you are on the road and its hot. I remember over 100 plus in Texas overnight and it became a scary situation when the A/C wouldn’t keep up with TC & Cody on board. Glad to hear that Winnebago came through…..nice to know….


  5. We’ll, Margaret rehnstrom already asked my question…questional customer support in Minnesota…Great to know that all will be well and cool tomorrow…cannot imagine trying to rec-reate in such heat….cool air lover that I am. Travel well u 3.☀️


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