Hello. It’s me!


It’s the second consecutive day of warm Midwest May weather. Warmer than back home in Arizona … now that’s bonkers crazy, #amirite?

And there’s a hint of humidity in the air.

Our new RV doesn’t seem to like the heat. Painted black, it absorbs heat, lots of it. In fact, the air conditioner was rendered feckless the last two days … as in it isn’t doing anything other than blowing air. Now that might mean there is a problem with the air conditioner (and when isn’t there a problem with an RV), or it might mean that the RV is so poorly insulated that it’s hopeless to cool it. We asked others at our campground today, and they’re feeling comfy with air conditioning, so something is amiss.

We were driving today and we observed this.


That’s boiling hot!

Same story yesterday, so we had to adjust plans just a bit. Our friends said that we could stay at their lake home and spend some time outside. I decided to mobilize my shapely figure and check the place out.


Seconds after arriving, Mom and Dad ditched me with two dogs (Gus and Remmie) and they left to go sup at a famous establishment in Mason City, IA.


This place is nearly 100 years old. They specialize in steaks that are broiled in olive oil and greek seasoning and can be cut with a fork.

Dad enjoyed his first course, complete with FRENCH DRESSING, a pickle, and a hard-boiled egg slice … now you know you’re living the High Life!


Mom ordered the Filet – notice the oil and greek seasonings that soak the tempting steak …


For Dad, it was a standard ribeye … again, notice the oil and seasonings … that’s the secret to the whole shootin’ match.


Two hours later, Mom and Dad rescued me from my internment with Gus and Remmie. Gus and Remmie headed to the water.


I tried to get down to the water, but the steps were too steep.


I think I missed out on some of the fun.


And, they caught a fish or two!


After a hot night in an 80 degree rig (remember, air conditioning issues), it was north to Minneapolis. We traversed I-35, soaking in the Northern Iowa landscape.


We crossed the border … Minnesota!


While Minnesota may welcome you, they tether their war planes to the ground … safety first.


We decided to spend a night at a KOA outside of Minneapolis. We decided to perform a test, trying to get the RV air conditioner to cool. At 4:15pm, it was 100 degrees outside and 92 degrees inside … the test wasn’t really working, and Dad was “corked off”. He threatened to take us to a hotel for the evening.

That’s when the storm blew in.


That’s a rain-soaked picture of a big branch that crashed in the site next to us.

Now, I promise you, this is worth your time … visit my website ( and watch this ten second video as the storm blew through (and saturated Dad’s bed because he was pig-headed and refused to close the window because he was enjoying the storm so much).

That’s some good stuff!

The temperature dropped from 100 to 80 and inside the rig the temperature dropped from 92 to 73. And the air conditioner feels cool. We’re staying the night!!

P.S.: Kudos to long-time reader Ken for sending us this image of a likely cousin of mine from Scotland.


P.P.S.:  I’m guessing this pup never once experienced the kind of blistering heat I’ve experienced!!!


6 thoughts on “Blistering

  1. 104 degrees, rig painted dark color, air conditioning not working so well, storm blowing through… eegad… too much! Darn good thing The Northwestern Steakhouse was still in business. Nothing like an EXCELLENT steak to make a roasted person feel better. But what about you? I imagine the steak solution works for dachshunds too. Right? Well…. did they bring some home for you?


  2. Hmmm! I guess I like where I live–72 degrees today–lovely reading on the front deck. 104 degrees–no thanks. I sure hope you get your rig fixed. The food sounds great. Auntie Janet


  3. Yo “Stormy” er, Dash,

    It’s Memorial Day weekend in the Mid West. Whad’ja ‘spect??
    How soon your masters forgot the climate they grew up in.

    Hey! That air conditioner dilemma might be solved by adding another unit “up top”.
    Either that or get a gallon of white paint and have at it.

    Can’t have a Pup panting all the time. #amirite.


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