Where It Began

Hello! It’s me!


Mom and Dad showed me where it all began today. Thirty years ago, they were married. A day later, they formally moved to Iowa. Today we entered Iowa.


They showed me a lake where there was a park, and at that park Dad enjoyed a can or two of Milwaukee’s Best beer.


We saw Dad’s first place of employment.


We saw where Dad ate when he was first employed … can you all say GIANT TENDERLOIN???



Mom and Dad even showed me the first condo they lived in.


We spent hours driving around Iowa State University – looking at the renovated football stadium among other things.


Some things on campus changed (most). Some didn’t.



All of this activity made Mom & Dad experience hunger … so they supped at a Midwestern Favorite.


I sensed Mom & Dad had mixed feelings about coming back here … loving the place where it all started and stunned by the fact that the trees were all huge and the businesses they enjoyed were mostly closed. Progress never relents. Except for HyVee groceries. They’re a constant.

Late in the day, we were blessed by a thunderstorm that yielded a rainbow … the rainbow connected their beginning to their pot of gold (me).


P.S.: Postings will be lean over the next few days as we enjoy time with friends!

P.P.S.: We’re doing laundry tonight. Not everything is as glamorous as it could be.

P.P.P.S.: What has your favorite part of our trip been so far?


7 thoughts on “Where It Began

  1. Yo Dash,

    Good thing you stayed inside to view the Rainbow. The odds of getting “Goosed” in Iowa seemed quite possible if’n you’da ventured out.
    Favorite part of the trip will be when you arrive in Wautoma, WI so we can scritch you behind your elegant canine ears.

    Until then……………….


  2. Can’t name a favorite… all good photos; all fun/interesting narrative. Geese, rainbow, food and eateries, giant crosses, great blue sky with a swath of z-shapped clouds, and your sweet face, Dash… everything appreciated and good 🙂 Have fun visiting… we’ll all still be here when your dad has time to write again.


  3. Favorite photos: Painted Desert, Sedona, place where the houses were carved into the hillsides.
    Enjoyed the story/history of your first meeting in college at Iowa State


  4. Hey there DASh dude: my favorite part of your trip so far is the picture of the rainbow and I gotta guess you were on a leash when the goose gandered into focus??? Also, love the love story beginning. The Pizza Ranch is my kinda ranch! Okay, x o x o to you and the traveling duo. Lovin’ your story. Glad you have not been subject to any tornadoes. Auntie L.


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