The Cheese Spread Appetizer

Hello. It’s me!


I don’t look so tubby when pursuing a robotic kitten, #amirite?

We spent four days with my favorite two people in the whole wide world … GRANDMAS!!! I spent time chasing ’em down!


And I spent time loyally sitting footside, waiting to do my job (whatever that is).


Today we were back on the road. Dad said she wanted the “Quintessential Lake Michigan Whitefish Experience”.


Now mind you, we’ve had a lot of culinary delights in the past few days. Those of you who enjoy “The Manitowoc Minute” on YouTube are familiar with this one.


We identified many dining opportunities.


But in Door County, the formula shifts. Yes, the classic supper club experience still exists. But as you move from Central Wisconsin (walleye) to Eastern Wisconsin (perch) to Green Bay (booyah … click here) to Western Door County (fish boil), you run the gamut of choices. Then you get to Eastern Door County (eight miles from Western Door County), and you try to find Lake Michigan Whitefish.

That was the bogey we identified.

You won’t find it in or around cloudy, foggy Milwaukee.


So we headed away from Grandma’s looking for Lake Michigan Whitefish.


We followed the signs, because all signs in Northeast Wisconsin point to Lake Michigan Whitefish.


I sensed we were closing in when Mom started calling out options from a supper club website.


We landed in Baileys Harbor, on the east side of Door County. I told Mom that I could find our supper club.


And for only a brief moment, I was distracted by a threat.



But then, just then, when all hope seemed to be lost and Mom was literally dragging her famished frame across the October-like landscape that comprised the past eleven days of alleged summer, our destination appeared on the horizon.


It was the Florian II Supper Club, the pinnacle of the Lake Michigan Whitefish experience. We knew we landed among one of the 73 best restaurants in all of Baileys Harbor when we saw the video game at the front door (and please, all of you Fortnite ambassadors, there’s nothing about your game that tops a robust classic like the one below).


This is where things got interesting.

Before we could get to the table and browse a menu …


… we had to first walk through the bar. And that’s were we were stunned to find The Cheese Spread Appetizer.


I mean, is there anything that signals the Quintessential Lake Michigan Whitefish Experience like three pounds of cheese spread paired with crackers vacuum-sealed in plastic wrap (for your safety and freshness)?

This place, this purveyor of spreadable bliss, also offered an amazing and time-honored beverage.


Smooth AND minty deliciousness! Look at the cherry on top of that beauty!

Mom and Dad ordered drinks.


A family-sized salad with choice of dressing and bread came next.


Yes, that’s french dressing … only the finest salad dressing will do.

And then … the featured event of the meal … the MAIN COURSE … Lake Michigan Whitefish for Dad.


Yes, there’s a bit of Mom’s Prime Rib on his plate … so when Mom and Dad finished gourging their gullets I got to sup on a few random pieces of Prime Rib … no Lake Michigan Whitefish for your favorite pup.

Mom and Dad staggered out of Florian II like tourists who just enjoyed a Spam Plate Lunch in Lihue. After setting up camp, they set up the auxiliary bed just to see how it might suit my mood.


Pups, this is as far east as we are going to go. From here on out we begin to meander west (and by default, we begin our meander back home). Our trip is past half-way. Our total trip calorie consumption is frighteningly past half-way. Thank God Dad took a lean, healthy route at dinner (Lake Michigan Whitefish – ignore the two pads of butter on the butt of the loaf of bread that came with the salad, because dairy and spreadable cheeses don’t count).


5 thoughts on “The Cheese Spread Appetizer

  1. I now recognize this place you call a supper club. When in Milwaukee, my team ate at one where walleye was on the menu. I totally get it now! Pickled veggies, making your salad from a little carousel at table-side, big plates and bread….lots of bread and bread sticks! Glad you are having a great time!


  2. I think I’ve gained a few pound just looking at this post… gimme the cheese, bread, butter, salad, fish AND prime rib. Ooooh yummy. But what I really want to know is what about that robotic kitten… WHAT IS THAT????? I thought cat at first glance, then no, it’s a dog. Guess I’ll be CNU in week from today. Wooot wooot wooot!


  3. Yo Dash,

    Zzzounds!! What a whirlwind of Wisconsin activity.

    Really enjoyed your company during your too few days in Wautoma 🙂

    What’s more scary? A chucacabra or that robotic Kitty Cat?

    You haven’t mentioned the elusive “Wendy” during your exhaustive excursion thus far, better luck on your way back South & West.

    Bon Voyage as you head towards Chez Hillstrom in Goodyear.


  4. Wow! What a culinary adventure!!!!!!Do they have supper clubs anywhere else except Wisconsin? You guys are really going to have to diet when you get home–or–maybe not. Sometimes weight just falls off–if you believe that–you will believe anything. Safe travels. We leave on Saturday for 6 weeks in Idaho, Montana, and Wyo. Can’t wait–although I hate getting ready. Auntie Janet


  5. Wow what an adventure. Gotta love the Leinenkugel’s – my fav is the October pumpkin shady. Safe travels on the way home.


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