Hello. It’s me!!


That’s a nice snap that Dad took … until you zoom in a bit and see what I was up to.


Now, you’re “prolly” asking yourself why I’d go to the back yard water bowl and partake in a belly-busting quenchable, #amirite?

Well, it comes down to this … each morning I’m busy evaluating threats, and that kind of work makes one thirsty.

You remember the four main categories of threats, don’t you?

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metals.
  4. Chupacabra.

Each morning it is my job to evaluate threats. I like to go outside, sit at the confluentia of three arterials, and just see what is going on. Please visit the website ( to watch this video of me “doing my job” in the morning.

Critics say that I’ve yet to identify a credible threat.

My retort to their elucidation is simple … if I weren’t so vigilant, credible threats could arrive in large quantities. I mean, did you hear the golf cart in the background of the video? What if the array of 6-volt batteries powering the golf cart quietly discharged? Then what?

My neighborhood is safe because I do my job – I am resolute, and I am vigilant.

P.S.: Some sad news … my Mom recently passed away at the relatively young age of seven (7). Without Mom in my life, I’m likely to become even more vigilant … I’m the Leader of my family now and it’s critical that I evaluate each and every potential threat.


A tiny version of me can be seen nuzzling with Mom above. This was in the “pre-crunchable” era of my life.


4 thoughts on “Vigilant

  1. sorry to hear about your mom, she was a beauty. Hats off to you for guarding your hood! I would love to see a video of you and Mr. Frank, playing, sitting hanging out, see if your dad can do that. Keep up the good work, Merry Christmas, love your great Aunt Jill.


  2. It must take a great deal of time to be so vigilant. I bet mom and dad appreciate all of your efforts. Hopefully that will get you some “brownie points” with Santa. Ask dad what those are. You might need some extra points with Santa. Auntie Janet


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